Cleaning jewellery will revive gems you’d forgotten looked so good and save your hip pocket. So don’t ditch it cos it’s dirty; CLEAN IT. It’s easy.

It doesn’t matter whether you invest a small fortune in precious metals, or just buy the cheapest bling you can find at your local market, one thing is certain for all kinds of jewellery: it will get dirty. So cleaning jewellery regularly should be on your ‘to do’ list.

The big question is – will you ditch, or de-grime? If it’s the former, you are guilty of waste, as it can be so easy to do the latter instead. So, don’t throw out your dirty, stained, tarnished jewellery ever again – and follow these top cleaning jewellery tips instead.

cleaning jewellery

Gems and stones

Let’s start with any of your rings or necklaces that feature stones. Most gemstones are stuck onto your favourite pieces with glue, so it’s important that whenever you are cleaning these accessories, you are very careful.

Never expose them to too much water, or you will risk the stones dropping out – and possibly down the plughole if you have them submerged. To avoid an expensive – and upsetting – mistake, keep your gem-encrusted jewellery well out of the way of the sink, and use a damp cloth soaked in some soapy water.

Rinse off immediately and dry. Also, bear in mind that soft stones like pearls can be incredibly delicate, so it’s probably best to hand over the cleaning to a professional.

cleaning jewellery


Silver is a beautiful metal that sparkles and shines in the light. But over time, it can start looking incredibly dull and, as pointed out over at, can end up tarnished. However, it’s a dead easy fix – all you need is the household hero bicarbonate of soda, a little bit of tinfoil and some salt and hot water.

Mix up a tablespoon of salt and bicarb, and then put it on a plate, covering with foil. Throw in a cup of hot water, stir and leave for ten minutes – and that’s about it! Your silver should be back to somewhere close to its sparkling best.

cleaning jewellery


As discussed at, gold won’t tarnish quite as much as silver, but it will get grimy and dirty. Your best friend here is using one of two highly popular – and useful – household staples: toothpaste, or dishwashing liquid. A few drops of washing up liquid in a bowl of warm water is all you need to soak your gold.

After fifteen minutes, you can give it a little scrub with a soft brush, and when you finish blot-drying the jewellery, it will look as good as new. The toothpaste method is even more straightforward.

Apply some paste to an old, soft toothbrush, and lightly scrub for about ten minutes. Thoroughly dry with a soft cloth – and voila! Your gold will scrub up a good as the day you bought it.

cleaning jewellery

The cheaper stuff

It can be tempting to chuck your cheap jewellery accessories when they start looking filthy, but there’s no need to add to the increasing amount of landfill that exists. Instead, think about cleaning up your old accessories – it can have the same impact as cleaning any other precious metal.

Again, the toothpaste method works a treat, although because of the lack of purity, you should always avoid pastes with anti-tartar or whitening ingredients.

Do you have any jewellery cleaning tips to share? Why not help others by revealing your secrets in the comments below!