A cleaner home is what we want. So while it’s not true to say that no-one enjoys housework, it is fair to say that most of us see it as a trade-off.

For some of our time each day, or week, we expect to have to do some household chores. In return, we get to live in a house, not a pigsty. We’d rather be doing a lot of other things. But if we get on with the housework, and make at least a pretence of liking it, we can easily do those things required to have a cleaner home.

The reality is that there are differing levels of attention and alertness. When it comes to a household cleaning routine, we know the things that we should be doing regularly. The washing up and surfaces in the kitchen. Throwing out the garbage. Hoovering and polishing around the house. The stuff we’d rather not talk about is in the bathroom. (No, not THAT stuff – what I mean is, have you cleaned out your shower drain recently? Ugh!). What lies beneath? You may not want to know.

There are other things that need to be done, though, to create a cleaner home. And some of them we forget from time to time. Is it because we are slovenly? No, it’s more to do with being busy, and just not seeing stuff. So there are a few things you need to keep an eye on, next time the chores come up.

Cleaning Your Oven

It’s amazing how many of us ignore regularly cleaning the oven, as it contributes to a much cleaner home.There are varying theories on why, but the main one would be that it’s got a door, and if it’s out of sight it’s out of mind. Periodically we’ll open it and think “God, I must clean that … later.” You don’t have to clean the oven every week, or every day. But if you notice a build up, get in there with baking soda and vinegar. And don’t get a self-cleaning oven. They’re not very good at it.

The Windows

Cleaning your windows is something that you might do every once in a while, but only if you look out and realise you can’t see things very well. As part of a weekly blitz, you may clean the inside, but most of us don’t bother with the outside. And that’s where they’re most prone to dirt. If you don’t have time, or if you live higher up, it’s OK to outsource the window cleaning to professionals. Just don’t leave it too long.

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Brushing The Path

Some of us keep the inside of our houses immaculate, but it ends at the front door. Again with the out-of-sight, out-of-mind. The thing is, if you don’t keep your garden path clean, your household regime will take longer every week. You track stuff in on your clothes and your shoes – even if you take the latter off on the doorstep. Which most of us don’t. Over a day, that builds up. Brush the path every few days, and your house will benefit from it too.
None of these tasks take particularly long. By doing them on a regular basis or when needed, you’ll find that the benefits extend into the rest of your household chore regime. Leaving you more time to enjoy a cleaner home for what it should be – your sanctuary.

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