There’s nothing more magical than seeing a child’s imagination run wild. Circu know this, and have created the most magical beds that children, and adults, will love. For Circu, a child’s bedroom is more than simply a place to sleep… it’s a place to daydream, read, play with friends, stockpile toys and let the imagination run riot.


Now parents cannot punish their children saying them to go to bed or to their bedrooms. With CIRCU the room will be their favourite space of the house. Parents will have to be more creative to punish the small rebels!


The fantasies of children, and their friends, is the focus for Circu who are extending their range to include lighting, rugs, toys and accessories. Circu seeks to educate children through ambience, to develop their emotional intelligence and help them appreciate their inner child.

Circu is all about being a child. Circu is a Child.

Circu have created three magical pieces of furniture that represent the happiest time for children; a time for magic, wishes and dreams.


Rocky Rocket connects two eras with parents seeing Tintin references and children seeing Buzz Lightyear. Kids who want to be Space Rangers and protect the universe will be their own astronaut in this super hero inspired bed. Circu takes children to infinity and beyond.


Up, up and away in the Fantasy Air Balloon where Phileas Fogg goes around the world in 80 days, but kids see the Disney movie ‘Up!’ as their reference. This amazing bed can be customised for a girl or a boy and be transformed into a sofa when kids reach their teens. It has a large storage capacity to help with tidying and the handmade touches make this bed very special indeed.

Coming soon is the fantastical Cinderella Pumpkin. Adorned in gold, purple and pink this bed really is a dream for your little princess; who can resist.


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Now displaying at Salone del Mobile Milano 2016, until April 17.

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