The right exterior colors of your home are an important consideration. It can be difficult to get it right because it’s about choosing several colors that work together… and that can be a challenge. So what should you do?

The beautiful exterior of your home is what people will see first. This is what will give your home curb appeal. Choosing the right exterior colors is not always easy. There are so many choices and you may not be sure what would look best. 

Exterior colors are different from interior colors. They are usually more muted, neutral and in unison with nature. In order to make the right choice, there are a few things you need to bear in mind. Take a look at what you should consider. 

Prepare to Spend More On The Right Exterior Colors

When it comes to the exterior of your home, you should be willing to spend more. This is because exterior paint needs to have a higher level of durability and with that ability comes higher prices.

The exterior of your home will experience inclement weather, wind, dust, and heat all of this means you need to choose a paint that can handle rough conditions. Select a premium paint and primer for this purpose.

Take a Look at the Permanent Materials

The permanent materials that you already have on the outside of your home can help you to select the right exterior colors. If you have a brick or stone decoration or accent work on your home you can use these to decide on the shade of paint that you can use outside.

If you are still stuck trying to come up with a color for the exterior then go to your color wheel and select colors that have opposite color temperatures. 

Technology Is On Your Side

It is often possible for you to take in a small sample of the permanent materials that make your home to the paint store. When you do this you can get computer color matching which is more accurate. 

This technology will allow you to experiment with different color combinations and this will give you a better idea of how the finished color will look.

Consider Your Trim

The color that you choose to paint your trim is also important. The most popular color is white. However, you can choose other colors.

Whenever you decide on the color that you want to use on your exterior, you can make the trim a few shades lighter. Doing this will ensure that you choose the right exterior colors.

Before using color all over your home, many painters recommend that you buy pint sizes of the paint colors you are considering. You can then paint small parts of the exterior to see if you actually like the color before investing in larger quantities.

It is best to brush out on the Northern and Southern sides of the house to see how the sunlight hits the paint. Since this will give you a good idea of whether or not the paint lives up to your expectations.

Making the Final Selection

Choosing the right paint for your exterior can sometimes be confusing and challenging. This is because you don’t want to make the wrong choice. Making the wrong choice is hard to undo and costly.

Make sure you take the time to carefully select a color before applying it to you all of your exterior surfaces. Talk to yuor local paint shop or look to Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration.