You might think that it’s only parents who need to make sure that they have a child-friendly home and safe places for youngsters. But that isn’t actually the case. In fact, it’s worth non-parents trying to create safe havens for young children as well.

If you are an auntie or uncle and regularly look after your nieces and nephews, then a child-friendly home is a must. Even if you aren’t related to any young children, you might have close friends who often come around for a visit.

Not too sure what you need to do to make a child-friendly home that’s suitable for kids? Read on to find out more!

Expect Things To Get Touched

Kids love to explore new places, and they do so by touching anything they can get their hands on! So, you should expect any furniture or other items that are within their reach will be touched and fondled.

If you have some delicate ornaments or fragile decor pieces that the kids might be able to get their hands on, you should move them out of their way. It’s worth sitting on the floor in the middle of your rooms to see what a small child would be able to see and get hold of so that you don’t miss anything!

child-friendly home


Have Some Toys On Hand

It’s a good idea to have a stash of toys in your home. Kids get bored very easily, and once the boredom hits, they might be a lot more likely to cry and have tantrums. Just in case their parents forget some toys, you might want to get some of your own.

Even if they are just some fun giveaway ideas that you picked up at a work conference or found second hand in a charity shop. Kids love anything bright and colourful, so don’t discount a potential toy that a child might find fun!

child-friendly home


Have A Space Ready For Naps

If your relative or friend’s children are still quite young, they will probably be napping through the day on a regular basis. To make nap time a lot easier and tantrum-free, make up a spare bed so that there is somewhere they can go when they start to feel tired.

If you don’t have a spare bed, you can always just set up a quiet corner in the living room, complete with a comfy bean bag or futon for them to sleep on.

child-friendly home


Stock Up On Child-Friendly Snacks

Kids can also get hungry pretty quickly, and hunger is something else that could potentially spark a major tantrum! You might want to make sure that you always have plenty of child-friendly snacks in the kitchen so that you are prepared for any unexpected visits.

Don’t have anything that is too sugary, such as chocolate and candies, as these could make children very hyperactive! Some tortilla chips and fresh fruit are the best things you can have on hand.

Once you’ve prepared your child-friendly home, you don’t have to worry about your friends turning up with their kids!

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