I love finding out what artistic people are doing all over the world so I can bring their creations to you. Recently, I was researching Art Deco design (a style I ADORE) and also mid-century modern architecture. Well, relationships being what they are, I was introduced to a French furniture maker creating stunning & colourful work; Eric Chicherie from Chicherie Art Design.

CHICHERIE DESIGN-0021-opt_0000 - Copie

I was drawn to the clean lines, block colour combinations and style that was both Art Deco AND very modern. Maybe that’s not too surprising given Art Deco has clean lines, can be very sculptural and also often features chrome and glossy surfaces – plus gold, emerald, red, black…strong colours…and fits beautifully with modern decor.

The desk and filing cabinet above would make a home office, or work office, very stylish especially if you have a creative job yourself. No pine tables or old-fashioned leather chairs for YOU! The offcie that holds this furniture would be fun; making a statement “I’m Different”.

Would I have Chicherie Art Design in my home? Absolutely! I tend toward the eclectic style but I don’t like clutter. I like rooms to be interesting but organised, stylish but clean – without being minimalist; that’s taking clean too far for my eclectic tastes.

chicherie art design

Chicherie art design

I love this bar set or dining-for-two ensemble. The square design of the table and stools is softened by the block colour lines, and orange & white is very fresh and vibrant. The colours also give warmth to the chrome, which can run the risk of being cold. But this gorgeous little set would be perfect indoors or outside under cover.

chicherie art design

The textures and finish on Chicherie Art Design furniture is remarkable and screams quality. Designer, Eric Chicherie, says of his work;

I create a variety of works from different techniques, including drawing and paintings, and various materials. My primary interest is contemporary art and my creations can learn from their sleek and minimalist character.

Eric says he develops ideas from lines; horizontal and vertical. His thinking revolves around a search for harmony between the materials he uses – metals, aluminmium, glass, fabric & leather – and colours, lines and themes.

This is also why Eric produces only a very limited range or absolute unique furniture.

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Voici le lien de mon site : Chicherie Art Design. See Eric’s website for more or contact him direct chicherie.artdesign@gmail.com. 19 rue du Champ de la Justice 35000 Rennes. Tél : 0625513293 ou 0621866871

Chicherie Art Design

What do you think of Eric’s unique furniture? Do you have a favourite piece? Is this a form of art you would have in your home?

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