Can you turn a passion for interior design into a career? You’ve clicked on this post, and the short answer to the question is yes, you can!

Anyone with a passion for interior design can take advantage of that passion. If all of your friends come to you for advice on what to do with their homes, it’s a sign that you have a talent for this sort of thing. Similarly, if everyone comments on how stylish your house is, you know that you must be doing something right. 

So, how do you take your passion for interior design + talents and turn them into a money-making career? In today’s world, there are a few ways you can do this…

Become a professional interior designer

This is the most obvious step to take, and probably the one where you can make the most money. As an interior designer, people pay you to style their homes. It’s as simple as that, but there are ways to make this career more profitable.

For example, start providing Zoom consultations to offer interior design advice to people all over the world. Think about it, you can open a US bank account and start accepting payments from customers in America. This opens the door to lots of new clients, meaning you can make more money and be more successful. The same goes for any other English-speaking country – it makes sense to offer your advice and skills to anyone that will pay for it!

Start an interior design blog

Next, you can avoid the more professional route and make a career out of an interior design blog. As you can see by looking around my site, there are endless topics and things you can talk about. In a way, it’s a chance to give out free advice and inspiration for anyone that needs it.

A passion for interior design is such a popular online topic, so loads of people often search for tips surrounding it. From here, it’s simply a case of monetising your blog and making as much money from it as you can. You may start finding affiliate programmes that suit your blog, and various interior design companies may offer sponsorships. All in all, blogging is a legitimate way of making money. 

Become an interior design influencer

Following on from the idea of blogging, you can try an even more 21st Century idea in becoming an interior design influencer. If this idea were posed a decade or so ago, people would laugh at you. Now, it’s perfectly viable to forge a career through social media. All you have to do is set up an Instagram account that’s dedicated to interior design, then grow your audience.

On top of that, you may be able to make great connections with brands that sell on-line furniture and showcase your favourite picks as you design and make your creative ambitions and insight known!

As your follower count grows, you’ll soon get paid to make posts and receive many sponsorship offers. It seems crazy to think that you can make a career out of this, but you can!

The cool thing about all of this is that you can combine these ideas with each other. If you’re a professional interior designer, having an Instagram account or a blog can supplement your income and help you make more money. As an influencer, creating a blog gives you another avenue to command your influence, and so on. No matter how you do it, the fact remains that you definitely can turn a passion for interior design into a career.