What you can fix and can’t fix in the home maintenance of your home depends on your professional abilities. However, for the average home owner there are times you can fix something and other times you can’t fix it yourself.

As we’ve discussed numerous times on this blog, it’s crucial to keep your home well maintained. If you fail to do this, you will find that your home value drops. It’s possible the property can even become unsafe depending on the issue.

While some home maintenance jobs can be completed yourself, it’s worth calling in the experts to handle others.

can fix can't fix

Getting the experts in can make sure that the job is completed the right way and that mistakes aren’t made which will leave your home vulnerable.

So, what issues are we talking about here? Well, let’s explore some of them.


Can Fix: A Blocked Toilet

While it’s not the nicest job in the world, you should be able to handle a blocked toilet without any help from a pro plumber. If you find that a toilet in your home is blocked, grab a bucket or a bowl. Fill it up with water and pour it into the toilet until it is close to full.

can fix can't fix

Then, use a plunger to provide a full seal. Once you have done this, two quick movements should unclog the blockage. If it has worked, you should immediately see the water drain away although probably not completely.

A quickly flush should leave your toilet as good as new. If however, this trick doesn’t work, it’s probably worth getting a pro to take a look.


Can’t Fix: Trouble With Wiring

Are lights flickering all over your home? One light flickering suggests a problem with the bulb, but multiple should lead to the conclusion that there’s a problem with the wiring in your home.

You might also notice electrical appliances going off and on as well. You’ll be tempted to try and find the route cause of this issue which could be something as simple as a frayed wire or even a blown a fuse.

can fix can't fix

However, it’s always best to contact an electrician.

The trouble with wiring can actually be a fire hazard in your home. If you want to keep your family safe, you need to make sure that this repair is handled the right way with absolutely no mistakes.

Even fixing it can be a dangerous task that does require a certain level of expertise. This problem will usually be found in fixer uppers or older homes and should be a red light if you notice it during a purchase. It can be quite an expensive repair.


Can Fix: A Leaking Tap

You can easily handle an issue with a leaking tap or faucet. The first step is to look under the tap and find the U shape in the pipe.

can fix can't fix

This can be unscrewed using a spanner but make sure you have a bucket for the water that will no doubt spill out and do turn the water off first.

Once you have done this, you can then empty out the pipe and discover what is likely a worn out washer. Washers are cheap to buy online and easy to replace.


Can’t Fix: A Leaking Pipe

While taps are easy to fix a leaking pipe certainly isn’t. You’re definitely going to struggle to hear because the first issue is finding the source of the leak.

can fix can't fix

That might not even be inside your property, but it could still be causing water bills to go through the roof. A leak detection service is the first step, and that can quickly allow you to find the problem area so that you can apply the right fix.


Can’t Fix: Bug Infestation

Finally, bug infestations can be a nightmare. With bug infestations, you have to be careful that you don’t end up with hundreds of the little insects roaming around your home.

Once you spot multiple bugs in your home, your first reaction will probably be to buy some bug spray. This might resolve the issue to an extent but if one bug is left standing it can lay eggs, and the issue can start all over again.

can fix can't fix

As well as this, you won’t know where the bugs are coming from, and that can be a nightmare. Getting rid of bugs is a matter of hosing down the home or even exterminating them using toxic gas.

It can not be handled by you and does require a pro company if you want to make sure that those nasty insects don’t return.

Be aware that certain issues in the home will increase the chances of bugs appearing. For instance, a lot of homeowners will leave birds nests in their attic or on their roof. But this can cause carpet beetles to appear in your property, and you don’t want that.