‘Call an Expert’ should be the catchcry of DDIY – Don’t Do It Yourself. Because there are four important jobs that the unqualified mustn’t attempt.

It’s good to know how to do things around the house, especially if you’re a homeowner. The ability to fix minor repairs before they become major issues can save you money and increase the longevity of your house. Whilst many painting jobs can be done yourself for others you should call an expert!

You can teach yourself some DIY that you must know, such as unblocking the sinks or repairing light fixtures. However, if you are not a trained professional, you should never attempt to do certain jobs that pose a serious risk.

At best you could end up with a bigger and more expensive mess or void your insurance. At worst you could seriously injure yourself. Here are a few home repair jobs that you should never attempt to do yourself.

call an expert

Call An Expert for Plumbing

Some plumbing jobs, such as unblocking drains, are easy for anyone to handle. Where you can get into trouble, and where you need to call a professional from Precision Electrical and Plumbing, is if you try to modify your plumbing system.

This job includes extending hot water lines or re-routing your sewer pipes. Working with hot water means copper pipes, and that requires a blowtorch. Unless you have some serious welding experience, leave the blowtorch wielding to the plumbers. While this isn’t as dangerous as electric work, plumbing problems can get out of hand fast and lead to an expensive and wet future.

call an expert

Call An Expert for Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was used for about 150 years on a large commercial scale. It was a versatile product and thought to be ideal as fireproofing and insulation. Unfortunately it can also be deadly causing serious lung diseases such as mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung cancer.

This is the biggest reason why you need to hire an expert to help you remove it. Aside from the inherent dangers of toxicity, there are many laws that govern the removal of asbestos because it can pose a danger to those in close proximity — like your neighbors.

Call An Expert for All Things Electrical

Repairing a light fixture or changing a socket cover are probably the only things you should attempt to do yourself. Anything beyond that is way above your paygrade.

Even jobs that you think look easy should be left to a trained electrician. In some instances, you have to have a permit to get the work done, and a professional will be your only option. Extending or replacing circuits is dangerous business if you don’t know what you’re doing. Any mistakes on your part could result in you burning down the house at best, or death by electrocution at worst.

call an expert

Call An Expert to Install and Repair Gas Appliances

It’s never a good idea to try and fix gas appliances for one big reason; the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning is too great. Like water, gas will always find a leak, so even if you turn off the supply, you might not have done a good job of hooking it back up.

Even if you just need to move the a gas heater away from a wall that needs painting, don’t take that risk. Either leave the walls, or call an expert.