Build a Granny Flat not an extension onto your home if you value one or more of these specific lifestyle features.

Common wisdom may suggest that, if you are running short of space in your home, the obvious thing to do is to build an extension NOT build a granny flat. However, I may beg to differ… but under certain circumstances.

Extensions add instant floor area to your home for which getting planning permission is relatively easy. However, an extension can take a while, be messy throughout the building process and may not solve all your problems after all.

So what is the alternative?

build a granny flat

Yes, this is a Granny Flat from Baahouse + Baastudio in Queensland (AUST)

Well, a granny flat might sound like an odd suggestion, but actually, it could be a better solution, especially if your space issues are only temporary. So, if you are looking for a bit of extra room, here’s why you should be build a granny flat.

A Separate Space for Your Needs

Just because it is called a granny flat doesn’t mean that it can only be used by a granny. In fact, granny flats can be made to all kinds of specifications so that they could be used as an office space, a separate playroom or even as a retreat for a returning child who can’t yet afford their own place.

Because when you build a granny flat it’s separate from the rest of the house; it offers peace where an extension couldn’t. As more people work from home, either with flexible working hours or as freelancers, granny flats and even converted garages are gaining popularity as a home work space.

And when there are so many beautiful and affordable granny flats designs to choose from, you can see why.

You Can Rent Out Your Granny Flat

Lots of granny flat owners are taking the opportunity to make some money out of their investment. Providing that you are the owner of the granny flat and the land it sits on, and the granny flat is built to a high standard, you are perfectly entitled to rent the space out.

You could take a long term renter if you like, either a family member or another party, but you could also place your granny flat on a site such as Airbnb.

This is becoming a very popular proposition, especially if you live in a great location and have built and decorated it to a high standard to appeal to guests.

build a granny flat

Interior of a granny flat by Granny Flats Sydney NSW P/L

Your House is Undisturbed

As granny flats are often prefabricated buildings that arrive as a kind of flat pack, you won’t be disturbed too much by the building work.

Building an extension requires knocking down internal walls, builders working around your stuff, and the inevitable cost of redecorating.

When you build a granny flat, conversely, it’s a simple and efficient way to get the space you need without all the palaver of living on a building site in the meantime.

Having a separate space built in your garden will offer you greater flexibility over the lifetime you spend in your house. It can be altered as needs change, used to start a new business or house an elderly relative close by.

If nothing else, a granny flat is a sound investment that will help you to design the future you want.

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build a granny flat

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