Budget kitchen decor tips are just what you need if you want to add value to your home, without spending a bomb.

If you are selling your home, you probably know that kitchens sell homes. If you’re staying in your current home, there’s nothing better than starting the New Year with a refreshed kitchen.

So, are you hoping to update your kitchen in 2017? Maybe you are planning a complete renovation and want to start afresh? However you plan on changing your kitchen this year, you are probably already starting to worry about the costs involved, even if you haven’t finalised your plans just yet! Thankfully, there are design-worthy budget kitchen decor ideas that will have you loving where you live.

budget kitchen decor

Budget Kitchen Decor Idea 1 : Freshen Up Your Kitchen Cabinets

You might not have to do as much work as you thought in your kitchen. After all, why paint all the walls and buy new fixtures and fittings when you could simply repaint all your kitchen cabinets. You will be surprised at just how much this changes the look and style of your kitchen, even if you don’t do any more updates! Plus, it will save you a lot of money compared to completely changing your entire kitchen! So rather than creating some grand plans for your kitchen, make your plan small, and simply freshen up your kitchen cabinets!

budget kitchen decor

Budget Kitchen Decor Idea 2 : Install New Worktops And Surfaces

If your kitchen cabinets are relatively new, you may not want to paint them right now. That’s fair enough, and you’ll be glad to hear that there is another small update that can change the whole look of your kitchen. You just need to install new worktops and surfaces.That includes splashbacks, which can also completely change the look of your kitchen, very cost-effectively.

Using a completely different material, such as granite, wood, or metal will help your kitchen feel very modern and chic. Again, just like with freshening up your kitchen cabinets, this is a cheap option for the times you don’t feel like changing your entire kitchen.

budget kitchen decor

Budget Kitchen Decor Idea 3 : Add Some New Appliances

When you renovate your kitchen, you will no doubt want some new appliances to replace your old, dated ones.  Don’t worry, buying new ones doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, you will be able to find them quite cheaply, especially if you consider kitchen appliance rental. These appliances are easy for people to afford, even those who have bad credit.

budget kitchen decor

Budget Kitchen Decor Idea 4 : Liven Up The Kitchen With Window Features

Adding a new window feature will elevate the style of your kitchen and help it look stylish and sophisticated. Think about buying some colourful and patterned curtains that will attract everyone’s attention. If you would rather stick with blinds in your kitchen, you will still be able to find plenty of colourful options in your local home interior store. Add some favourite accessories to the windowsill, such as plant pots and ornaments, to make a cute window display.

budget kitchen decor

Budget Kitchen Decor Idea 5 : Use Fabrics

Don’t forget that you can also use colourful fabrics to add vibrancy to your kitchen design. Adding patterned tea towels, rugs, and oven gloves can help your kitchen pop with bright colours! This is a fantastic tip for kitchens that currently sport a fairly minimal decor.

Why stick with your boring kitchen, when you can update it cheaply in 2017?!

Header image courtesy of Optimise Design. Other images courtesy of Lisette Voute, Grassroots Design, Sustainable Home, Custom Kitchens by John Wilkins, and L. Cramer Builders and Remodelers.  Please click on the image and go directly to the designer’s website.