Budget busting winter warming tips will help keep your precious family warm during cold and frosty winters. And they’ll help the bottom-line when it comes to household expense. 

Even if you’re not counting the pennies, heating costs can become a headache for savvy spenders. But don’t panic, help is at hand with these top budget-friendly tips.

Budget Busting Winter Warming

Budget Busting Winter Warming : change your energy supplier

Many of us stay with the same provider of electricity or gas for several years, without stopping to think about whether or not we are getting the best deal. Taking the time to shop around for the company that will offer the best rates for your heating and electricity can save you thousands – so it is well worth putting the effort in. You’ll find lots of

You’ll find lots of information about how to get started online.

Budget Busting Winter Warming : ditch the drafts

Drafts can cause a lot of icy air to enter your home and allow precious heat to escape. Make sure there isn’t a gale blowing through your letterbox or keyhole, or through gaps in the windows and doors.

TIP : An easy way to check for drafts is by lighting a stick of incense. Wave it around doors, windows, and other places you suspect of being drafty. If the smoke is sucked back into the area, you’ll know it’s causing a leak. Another way is to wave a wet hand near leaky areas. Your hand will feel cold if there is a draft.

You don’t have to buy a lot of expensive equipment to sort out drafts, you can make your own homemade excluders that will cost next to nothing. Of course, you can also pop into your local hardware store and buy narrow foam strips specifically designed to stop drafts. These strips have an adhesive backing so stick to the window or door frame where the draft is coming in. This is a simple and cost-effective method to retain heat in and keep the cold out.

Budget Busting Winter Warming

Budget Busting Winter Warming : only heat your living space

There’s no point in heating every room in the house if you are spending most of your time in your living areas. Put in an electric fireplace so that you can turn off the central heating and save on your gas or oil bills. The whole family will be super cosy, and you’ll be saving a bundle at the same time! You can also invest in a cosy blanket if you want to keep your family warm while watching a movie.

Another option is odourless and smokeless ‘green’ ethanol fireplaces that look chic and modern while warming the room. Although they don’t emit as much heat as a more traditional heating method, they can be effective in smaller spaces. However, do ensure you have adequate ventilation and don’t use an ethanol heat source for hours on end. An architect will be able to advise the best type and positioning for heat sources.

Budget Busting Winter Warming

Budget Busting Winter Warming : get good drapes

Unless you install double glazing, good quality curtains that are properly lined will keep your home warm during winter. They will block out drafts and insulate the rooms from the cold air that settles around the windows. This will mean that you can turn the heating off when you reach the desired level of comfort, and your house will stay cosy for much longer.

TIP : Pelmets are excellent for minimising heat loss at the top of windows. You can make a simple pelmet by covering cheap chipboard or MDF with fabric. Use a staple gun to attach stretched fabric at the back of the board, where it won’t be seen. Check out the link for tools and ‘how to’ instructions.

Budget Busting Winter Warming

Budget Busting Winter Warming : insulate

Having a well-insulated home can save you a fortune in heating costs, and keep you and your family warm all winter. You can do it yourself using recycled materials (have a look at these ideas), but even if you go to the expense of having a professional sort out your insulation – it’s a very worthwhile investment that can save you substantial funds over the next few years.

Keeping you and your family warm in winter without spending all your spare cash can be quite a challenge.

However, a little effort and time can allow you to turn the heating down, or even off, while still maintaining an atmosphere that everyone enjoys. If you’re looking for more ways to hang on to your cash, you can find lots of suggestions online. If you’re really canny about pinching those pennies, you might even be able to afford some sun-soaked adventures in the summer – so start saving today for a future you can look forward to!

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