Bright sunshine filling your home all year ’round will certainly be a panacea for the winter blues. With three great tips you’re own your way to eternal sunshine.

For most people, being able to add a conservatory or an extension to their home is a luxury. The addition of a room that fills the house with bright sunshine can be a game-changer on how the space your home is used.

A conservatory is usually considered to be a ‘summer room’, because expansive glass windows cover most of the room allowing sun to shine in. This heats the room and, with the addition of plants, can be a tropical wonderland.

However, come winter it’s often closed up and left unused due to the chill. It can feel an awful lot like a cold and miserable part of the house without summer’s bright sunshine streaming through.

Remodelling your living room with companies like Iron River Construction to add on a conservatory can be a big job. So if you want to add attract bright sunshine then getting a conservatory constructed over the spring months is better than building in the cold and unpredictable winter.

When you choose to build a conservatory and add space to your living room, you need to be realistic. In the magazines you’ll see bright sunshine with a happy family around the dining table in their new conservatory.

Or perhaps you’ll see happy children enjoying a new playroom. The reality is that in the height of the summer, a conservatory can often be too stuffy to play or eat in, and in the winter, it can be far too dismal and cold.

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So there are some things to consider if you want to use your conservatory all year around, so you don’t freeze in the winter or boil in the summer!

  • Roof & Window Blinds. A conservatory is primarily glass, both on the roof and the ceiling. The installation of roof and window blinds can really help with that solar glare through the summer, but they really don’t do much in the way of retaining heat in the winter months. It can be easier to look here at these tips for warming a conservatory through the winter to help there!


  • Underfloor Heating & Radiators. Glass is not an insulating material, so it makes sense to work out where else you can add a little heat. Heating the floor and adding a radiator to the low wall of the conservatory are good ideas. However, pair this with the tip below.


  • Insulated Ceiling. Whilst typically a conservatory roof line will be filled with glass, insulation film will cut down the summer heat by up to 90%. And secure the heat inside when you’re using underfloor or radiator heating in the winter. If you can afford it, opt for double glazing.


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Your conservatory can be a wonderful addition to a house, but you need to make sure you can actually use it for the purpose you had it installed in the first place.

Always get your home checked to see if you need any planning permission before you spend the money on a conservatory, then kick back and relax in your new room!

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