Do you have moments when you want to breathe new life into your home? Like, take a big fan and just blow away all the cobwebs? You’re not alone.

If you’ve been living in your house for a long enough time, it can often feel like you’re not getting the full magical experience that you first got when you moved in. When you pay off that initial deposit and receive the keys to your home, opening the front door is a wondrous feeling. It makes everything from the decor and flooring feel exquisite and fresh. However, a few months in, you’ll probably feel like replacing them already.

breathe new life

This is completely normal. As the initial rush of excitement of owning a new home dies down, you may start to see flaws. You probably didn’t see them when you first inspected the home and visiting open house sessions. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do besides working on home improvements to give your home a new facelift to rekindle some of that magic that’s been lost – and breathe new life back in.

Breathe New Life Back : Upgrade Your Kitchen

For many people, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where great food is cooked and where families huddle around to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner together. However, kitchens are also places that can get untidy pretty quickly.

breathe new life

Great storage and places to temporarily ‘hide’ mess will help you to enjoy your kitchen more. Use the inside of cupboard doors to store items. Buy hooks to affix to the inside of cupboard doors and hang dish cloths, utensils, or a small ‘dust buster’ to quickly suck up dry spills. Use baskets on castors to store things on the floor of your pantry. Throw out utensils you don’t use and old plastic containers with lost lids.

You might be surprised to know that kitchen renovations can be fast, painless and relatively inexpensive if you focus on a specific upgrade. For example, if you want to upgrade your tiles or benchtop you don’t have to replace your existing appliances. Even paint and new tapware can quickly breathe new life into a tired kitchen. I love the gold taps seen in the kitchen below which add instant luxe to a white kitchen.

breathe new life

Breathe New Life Back : Take Care of Your Garden

Whether it’s the front lawn that makes your house look less than chic or the backyard that has been demoted from garden to garbage dump, we could all use a few extra trees, bushes, and container plants to spice up the outside of your home. After all, why else would you buy a home with a large garden if you don’t pretty it up and create some beautiful and tranquil scenes? There are many DIY ways to make better use of wasted space outside or simply by mowing, trimming, and weeding.

breathe new life

Take some time to learn a couple of gardening skills, or hire a gardener to help you design and create your perfect garden vision. You could create a vege garden, plants herbs in pots, create a new pergola area, or pave an outdoor area. Succulents are also perfect in pots and in the ground as they require virtually no care.

breathe new life

Breathe New Life Back : Rearrange Your Home

There’s no cheaper or quicker alternative to giving your home a facelift than rearranging the furniture. The layout of your home can be flipped on its head to give you and your family a different perspective on your home.

Even rethink why you use certain rooms for certain activities. For example, can a spare room be a library or a dining room? Can a laundry be a butler’s pantry? Do you ever use your front door, or is there another entrance? Do you have to arrange furniture around the television?

A trick I have often used is to move furniture on angles. The angle can be grounded with a coffee table or rug and the furniture arranged to suit those lines.

breathe new life

It’ll feel somewhat familiar because it’s the same furniture and decor, but it will also feel completely different when you sit at a different angle to watch the TV or wake up to find yourself looking at a different part of your bedroom wall.

Look at your home differently and you’ll find ways to breathe new life into the way you live in it.