Eclectic, gypsy, sexy, toussled and relaxed – it’s no wonder bohemian style hair and fashion are so popular.

You can go all out for a full gypsy/ Coachella festival vibe or just add an accessory or two as a nod to the trend. Either way it’s the gorgeous bohemian style every cool chick has in her wardrobe – from Fergie and Nicole Ritchie to Kendall Jenenr and Gigi Hadid.

If you’ve ever browsed Pinterest or Instagram and wondered how these boho girls achieved their stunning relaxed style, here are a few bohemian style ideas!

bohemian style


Bohemian style clothing covers a wide range of items and styles. It could be a floral maxi skirt or dress, or it could be an item with an ethnic or folk print.

Items tend to be floaty and girly, fringing, prints and patterns are all popular. Alternatively you could still achieve the look with a simple plain dress, or a pair of denim shorts with a vest and bring in the boho vibe using accessories.

For this reason, just about anyone is able to achieve a cute and stylish bohemian look- regardless of your personal tastes, body shape or anything else! You can make it work for you.

bohemian style

Accessories and Shoes

Fedoras, bowler hats and floppy sun hats are all popular with bohemian style looks, and as this trend is common around festival time in the summer- some sunglasses are essential!

Retro style round sunglasses work well along with aviators, but just choose something that suits your face. Bags and sandals with fringing on are the perfect addition to your boho outfit, but just be sure to keep the balance.

For example, if you’ve got fringing on your outfit- it could be best to avoid it with your other accessories!

bohemian style


bohemian style


Jewellery is a key part of the boho look, and really helps to bring your outfit to life. Multi stacked rings are a popular look, choose a metal and a colour theme and stick with it.

For example, silver opal rings along with smaller stacked midi rings would give a cool neutral look. Otherwise, jade and turquoise stones are commonly used.

If you have a nice piece of fine jewellery you could wear this and then stack less expensive ones along with it for a mix and match finish. Chunky necklaces and stacked bracelets are all usually worn too.

Finish the look by painting your nails a shade like turquoise or bright white. You could even add some temporary metallic tattoos to your hands if you’re wearing the look to a festival or event.

bohemian style


Finally, boho outfits are usually completed with relaxed, beachy hair. Long hair works best for this, clip in hair extensions can give you the look you want instantly with no damage.

Avoid anything too precise or glam, plaiting your hair and then undoing them after a few hours will give a nice beachy look. If your hair is naturally wavy, simply scrunch in some mousse or salt spray.

Whether you’re keeping it as it is or popping a hat on, it will look girly and pretty and the ideal way to set off your bohemian style.

bohemian style