Blondes have more fun, surely you’ve heard? The first time I coloured my hair I did a little at a time. Just the fringe at first and then I became more confident to have extra colour added. I went from brunette to blonde to see if blondes have more fun. ….they do. And I’ve been blonde ever since.

blondes have more fun blondes have more fun blondes have more fun

There are so many variations of blonde now, from platinum grey to strawberry, copper, ash, dip-dyed, balayage and more. Depending on your skin-tone, natural hair colour, lifestyle and level of daring, there’s a blonde to suit you.

blondes have more fun blondes have more fun blondes have more fun blondes have more fun blondes have more fun

As I have fine hair, but lots of it, I am always careful about how my hair is cut and what products I use. Even though blondes have more fun, going blonde can strip your hair so I have found moisturising shampoos & conditioners to be the best. Find a shampoo, and especially a conditioner, that is not heavy. I use Matrix Biolage HydraSource Shampoo and Matrix Biolage HydraSource Detangling Conditioner. There is a HydraSource Conditioner but I prefer the Detangling Conditioner. Speak to your hairdresser about the difference.

If you have fine hair like mine AND you think blondes have more fun, DON’T use a volumising shampoo or conditioner. I have tried quite a few and they ALL dry my hair out, even after just one wash. Except for these notable exceptions, including Paul Mitchell and Reference of Sweden. It then takes  a few washes, and leave-in light moisturiser, for hair to get it back to condition.

blondes have more fun blondes have more fun

If you think blondes have more fun and you’d like to try it, then do get professional advice. Blonde isn’t necessarily the best colour to do yourself unless you are skilled. A colour block blonde like Gwen Stefani’s is high maintenance especially if your natural colour is much darker.

Foils are a great option, especially in two or three complementary blonde tones. It looks very natural and grows out well – minimal awkward re-growth signs.

blondes have more fun blondes have more fun

Are you a blonde hair addict? Have you had any bad-blonde-hair experiences? What are your tips for keeping blonde hair healthy?

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