Love typographic prints? Then you’ll love the range on-line and from Blacklist at Life Instyle this month.

After working in magazine Art direction for 10 years,  Nathan opened Blacklist eight years ago as a client based design studio. Serendipitously, a friend asked Nathan for a Valentine’s Day gift guide at a time when typographic prints were not ‘a thing’. Thy were a hit so Nathan started selling them through an Etsy store.

Blacklist at Life Instyle typographic print

Life Instyle attracts a diverse audience of buyers, retailers and the general public so Blacklist at Life Instyle was the perfect way for Nathan to catch up with existing and new customers, and friends.

It feels more like a hangout then work. It’s always fun to present each new collection to everyone at the same time too; it makes us nervous and excited.’ It is honestly like a working holiday. We hang out in the day and then head out together at night. It’s the best! Nathan

I love typographic prints and have a few hanging in my home So it’s exciting that Blacklist at Life Instyle will be presenting a new collection of eight works. Nathan describes them as being “pretty special”. He also says Blacklist will be showing a gorgeous new stationery concept he has been working on across five new product categories. Excitement!

Blacklist at Life Instyle

And that’s not all. Blacklist will be continuing a collaboration with SEED and launching a new collaboration with one of Australia’s premier home-wares destinations. Totally can’t wait. I’ll bring you their new collaborations as soon as they are able to be released. Stay tuned.

Blacklist will be exhibiting at Life Instyle, 18- 21 February, 2016 at Royal Hall of Industries and Horden Pavilion. Visit their website for other art and stationery inspiration.

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Blacklist at Life Instyle

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