As far as birthday gifts are concerned, they don’t come harder to buy for than your old man. Dads are notoriously difficult at the best of times, but at least you can get away with underwear and aftershave at Christmas.

However, If his birthday is approaching you probably feel as though you’re up a creek that begins with the letter ‘S’ when it comes to buying birthday gifts.

It doesn’t need to be that way. This year can be a little different with a gift that will turn that fake grin into a genuine smile. There are several ideas out there, here are eight birthday gifts that are just great.

birthday gifts

Sports Tickets

Whether it’s cricket, soccer, rugby, or Aussie rules doesn’t matter. If sport plays a big role in your father’s life, tickets to see his favourite team signals the perfect birthday treat. Not only is it a chance for him to enjoy his passion with you, but it’s also an event that he can look forward to.

The game might be in a week or six months. Either way, he’ll be immensely excited about the upcoming event. Tickets for most teams can now be purchased online with ease while another option is to choose a stadium tour instead.

Alternatively, sports memorabilia or a kit can serve as an equally great present.

This is a particularly great idea if he ever took you as a child due to the memory lane aspect. However, you might want to steer clear of the Baggy Greens after recent controversies.

birthday gifts

Tech Gadgets

Most modern men have a love of tech gadgets. Even if your dad is a slight technophobe, those latest features can be used to improve a whole host of passions and leisurely activities.

Even if it’s simply enhancing his TV experience by signing up to Netflix on his behalf.

Tech gadgets can transform photography and videography. This is especially true when looking at drones and RC helicopters. Meanwhile, technology can be used to aid golf, fishing, and virtually any other outdoor activity.

Likewise, those additions can be made to the garden with improved speaker systems and advanced BBQ systems.

Home security and smart room stats might not be the most exciting presents in the world. Still, if they are going to put a huge smile on his face, you could do far worse.

birthday gifts

Self-Improvement Gifts

The thought of getting someone a gift that says they aren’t currently perfect may seem counterproductive. In truth, though, you simply want to make your father feel as good as he can about himself.

Self-improvement gifts are easily among the best solutions.

For many men, getting fitter is the ideal goal, especially if they’ve lost some of their youthful physique. These macho gifts offer great inspiration, even if he is already in good shape.

However, the idea of upgrading his life can extend to anything. Even signing up for an online language learning course can prove to be a big hit, especially if he has a trip planned.

Your dad has probably made suggestions about how he’d want to grow as a person. Use that information as the basis of your gift-giving choices, and you won’t go far wrong.

Meanwhile, depending on your gift, you can use exclusive gift wrapping paper with unique patterns and designs to convey a special message. There are various types, so you may select one that resonates with your dad’s personality or interests, whether it’s a classic design for a timeless bond or something bold and vibrant to match his lively spirit. The act of wrapping itself adds an element of anticipation and excitement, turning the simple act of receiving a gift into a delightful experience.

birthday gifts


Everyone has a passion in life, and most people will collect something. Those little mementoes can make us feel better about ourselves even when things aren’t going so great.

By treating him to a present relating to this field, he’ll gain the extra benefit of being reminded of your love.

Whatever his penchant may be, going for one memorable gift is probably better than several less significant additions. A 2 oz silver coin depicting the lunar rooster can be particularly great for those collectors.

Not only is it a valuable item on a financial front, but it’ll become priceless on an emotional level. That has to be a formula for success with any gift.

Other collectables can include figures, stamps, or even beers from around the world. As long as you wrap your birthday gifts in a particularly nice manner, this will become a winning solution.

Rare Recordings

If your dad loves music, he probably has a small list of favourite bands or artists. Furthermore, he probably has all the studio albums on CD, LP or download. That doesn’t mean you can’t still find a great gift from their passion. Rare recordings of demos and live versions can work wonders.

The revival of vinyl has seen many old recordings rise to the surface once more. Online sellers and distributors make it easier than ever to hunt for those special tracks. Meanwhile, eBay and similar platforms can often unlock a bargain.

Some of the new remastered LPs will include download codes for those rare recordings. This is especially true when looking at anniversary editions.

Again, if all else fails, you could look at memorabilia or signed CDs. One way or another, getting something that you can’t necessarily get out of your local music store will raise a smile.

birthday gifts

Family Photos

With regards to young couples, women generally care more for photographs and sentimental gifts more than men. Older men tend to love those birthday gifts, especially, as they are from the heart. Basically, the birthday gifts you’d consider for mum are probably just fine for dad too.

If you haven’t got any great photographs, arranging a new photoshoot can be an exciting option for all the family. Another option is to make books, printed cups, or t-shirts.

Online printing services are readily available, making it very easy to convey a message or share a photo on several products. When combined with a customised card, you’re sure to see a positive reaction from your dad.

Even if those items aren’t used to brighten up the home, they could be great additions to his workplace. Improving this aspect of his life can only be a great solution.

birthday gifts

The Final Word

Your dad is probably set in his ways. While there is room for some new additions, trying to transform his habits and priorities at this stage is futile.

Stick to those birthday gifts that show your love and appreciation of his character, and you should be just fine.