Looking for the chop? Cropped, bob, lob, shaved…there’s some best short hairstyles to suit you. Gain some inspiration from these images of celebrities and mere mortals, then talk to your hairdresser.

best short hairstyles

The great thing about a short hairstyle is that it can be such easy care. And it also grows. So if you do feel you’ve made a mistake then your hair WILL grow. But have a chat with your hairdresser. They should know what suits you, what suits your hair type and what suits your face shape. Yes, that’s a REAL thing.

DON’T expect to look exactly like the celebrity (invariably you’ll like a celebrity-inspired hairstyle) in the photo. Your facial features, skin tone, hair type and lifestyle will likely be very different from theirs. But be inspired with best short hairstyles.

best short hairstyles best short hairstyles best short hairstyles best short hairstylesbest short hairstyles

Also think about colour. Colour can enhance a cut and also curls, or waves. Sometimes a colour can thicken hair, especially blonde. Ensure you have the correct shampoo and conditioner for your short hairstyle and styling products. These can also make a huge difference as they may add body and help ‘hold’ a short hairstyle.

best short hairstyles best shot hairstyles

I’ll be covering coloured hairstyles and also hairstyles for long hair, plaits, up-dos and thick & coarse hair. Hair is such a personal accessory and really can be a crowning glory. Take inspiration from this selection of best short hairstyles, but speak to your hairdresser. Be honest about what you want, but be realistic about the end result too.

best short hairstyles

Do you like a short hairstyle? Have you had problems getting what you want? Have you had a hairstyle go horribly wrong? What is your biggest challenge when you go to the hairdresser?

best short hairstyles

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