The best mineral makeup landed on my dressing table and I was THRILLED. Having used lots of different brands, I’m in love with Inika.

OK, I admit it; I’ve never had problem skin. Good genes, thanks Mum! So consequently I haven’t searched high and low for the best products for my skin. My skincare routine has often been haphazard but I have always looked for new and interesting makeup. And now I have found the best mineral makeup.

But first, what IS mineral makeup? Given that almost all makeup contains minerals, the easiest description is makeup that contains 100% minerals such as zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, mica and iron oxide and does not contain organic dyes, paraben ingredients, emollient waxes and oils, preservatives and fragrance.

best mineral makeup

Mineral makeup can contain fewer ingredients than traditional makeup so may be less irritating on your skin.

Like most women, I started experimenting with makeup from a young age. As the years have passed, a never-ending stream of new products has slipped into the cosmetic firmament. I have my favourites – Jane Iredale foundation, for example. Having used many top brands and a few ‘economy’ brands, Jane Iredale is my absolute favourite for foundation, and BB cream

My top Jane Iredale faves are the Glow Time Mineral BB Cream, Jane Iredale Dream Tint, and the Jane Iredale Lip Drink

However, I have always been after the ‘Perfect Primer’. I have tried MAC, Nars, Revlon, Napoleon Perdis, Estee Lauder and Stila…to name a few. So when I came across Inika mineral makeup, I decided to give their certified organic pure primer a go.

best mineral makeup

INIKA Pure Primer 50ml

WELL! It has a beautiful texture, smooths on and gently settles in the skin. Now, I don’t know if it sits on top of the skin or sinks in; all I know is that it settles beautifully and gently smooths facial lines. It’s the perfect base for foundation.

In fact, the Inika Pure Primer is so beautiful, on weekends I use it under translucent powder only. I don’t even bother using foundation. It’s the best mineral makeup. The effect is fresh and natural. A whip of mascara and a slick of lippie; you’re good to go.

So impressed was I with the Inika Pure Primer, I wanted try more of their makeup range. Inika is Vegan, Halal and cruelty-free, and a Truth in Beauty brand, which doesn’t hurt. The Inika Organic Loose Mineral Foundation is actually a powder not a liquid.

Having used many powders that were too powdery (even some luxury brands) it was tough for me to shift from Jane Iredale. But the Inika Mineral Foundation is gorgeous…and it’s SPF15. Light coverage, lovely colour, beautiful result. I have also been using the Inika Loose Mineral Blush in Blooming Nude which is…predictably…the best mineral makeup powder blush I have used.

best mineral makeup

Inika Mineral Foundation Powder in Grace

I’ve almost always used pressed eyeshadows but I loved the amazing colours in the Inika vegan mineral eyeshadow range. So I chose a relatively safe shade – Peach Fetish. It’s a beautiful, natural peachy-nude with rose-gold highlights.

best mineral makeup

Inika Vegan Peachy Keen (not the Peach Fetish I used)

The Inika Peach Fetish Mineral Eyeshadow would have to be one of the BEST nude shades that complements my brown-hazel eyes and is beautiful to use. It has great ‘staying power’ and I have not had ANY irritation from it all…not that I was really expecting to, but it’s good to know right?

best mineral makeup

Inika Vegan Rosy Glow Puff Pot

best mineral makeup

Inika Vegan Illuminisor

I am very impressed with the Inika mineral makeup range and I am keen to try more of their cosmetics. I have been using the products mentioned above for over six weeks, to give them a really good go. And I’m sold.

best mineral makeup

What are your favourite makeup essentials? Do you use a primer? Have you tried mineral makeup before?

Thanks to Alive Skin Hair for additional information.