Hair & Beauty treatments are an ongoing topic on my 88.9FM Fashion and Home radio show as I am always interested to share the latest trends and products with my listeners. I was recently introduced to some products from Paul Mitchell…and I have to say… they are among the best hair products I have tried.

I have been using the moisture-inducing Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Shampoo and Instant Moisture Conditioner because my hair is coloured and tends to be dry. You do have to be careful that products designed to add moisture don’t also add WEIGHT to fine hair like mine. I have a lot of hair but it IS fine.. so just a warning there.

Paul MitchellPaul Mitchell

However, the Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture range felt ever so gentle on my hair, didn’t weigh it down and made styling easier. Maybe that’s why renowned hair dresser Vidal Sassoon said of Paul Mitchell “He had something terribly special, he could inspire people”

 Paul Mitchell was, in fact, a protégé of Vidal Sassoon – who was the one who named him Paul. His real name was Cyril, so you can understand the change, right? Born in Scotland to a coal miner father and hairdresser mother, Paul moved to London in the 60’s to learn hairdressing.

Paul Mitchell’s progressive styling quickly elevated him to something of a cultural icon and his status saw him looking after the tresses of celebrities such as Twiggy and Mia Farrow. In the early 70’s Mitchell became the protégé of the revered Vidal Sassoon.

Together, they cut their way into history, changing the way the fashion industry saw hair with geometric styles like the ‘five point cut’.

Vidal Sassoon

By 1980, Paul had invented a veritable array of new styles and products, and with his long time friend and business partner, John Paul DeJoria, he put his life’s work into the bottle, creating the Paul Mitchell brand. Originally selling the product door-to-door and living out of their car, the brand was a hit in California throughout the 80’s and soon became a household name throughout the world.

Mitchell was renowned for his innovative styling products and new technologies, including the discovery of Awapuhi Wild Ginger in Hawaii. Now it’s a Paul Mitchell product. I have been using the GORGEOUS shine spray – it smells DIVINE and gives a lovely gloss to my hair .. WITHOUT weighting it down.

Paul Mitchell

Although Paul Mitchell died peacefully in Hawaii in 1989, his business partner, John Paul De Loria, and Paul’s son, Angus, now continue to run the global Paul Mitchell business.

I love their products and have just started using the Paul Mitchell Extra Body Daily Shampoo and Extra Body Daily Conditioner. Now, I am VERY wary of volumising products so have used them with caution…. But ..WOW…these are fabulous…not drying….giving oomphhhh without the dryness …. Fabulous…..and the Thicken Up hair styling thickening product…is the BEST volumising product I have ever used…and you have to know I am FUSSYY!!! And it’s all animal cruelty free. YES!!!!

Paul MItchell

To read more about the Paul Mitchell story and to see the full range of beautiful products, visit Having tried many brands looking for the best hair products for my hair, Paul Mitchell is right up there. In fact, for my money right now, he’s NUMBER ONE!

Do you have a fave shampoo and conditioner? How about a fave styling product? Do you also look out for the best hair products? Perhaps you have a recommendation for us?

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