Best deck designs are a commonly searched topic because there is a deck option for every garden. They are as individual as your garden.

Having said that, however, coming up with the right decking isn’t as simple as you may imagine. There are actually a lot of different factors that come into play when deciding on the best deck designs for your lifestyle.

You need to think about what you already have going on in the garden, and how you can add to it rather than take something special away.

best deck designs

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If you have a relatively large space, then the hardest thing will be deciding on where exactly you want the decking to go. While if your space is a lot smaller, you’ll need to get more creative.

Here are some best deck designs  to get you started.

Best Deck Designs: Wraparound Deck

This form of decking essentially wraps around your house similar to a balcony but giving you a more room. A wraparound deck tends to be elevated off the ground. If you have a second floor to your house, this type of deck can form opportunities for privacy and views. If you are lucky enough to have a wraparound deck leading from a bedroom then embrace the decor that blends the indoor / outdoor aesthetic.

If your home is built on an undulating piece of land, a wraparound deck is the best way to maximise flat living space when you can’t have a flat lawn or garden. Decorate with large tubs of glossy leafed or flowering plants suitable for the environment.

Wraparound decks are flexible because you can follow the sun or shade depending on your desire, while also expanding the living space within your home. The deck floor can be wood, concrete, stone, or paved depending on the construction.



best deck designs

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Best Deck Designs: Island Deck

An island deck is exactly what you’d imagine it to be – a decking area which isn’t connected to anything else around it. This means you can put it whenever you want to. Because the island is built slightly higher than the original surface, it’s more forgiving of any uneven grounds, whereas if you were trying to build a concrete patio, the floor would have to be a completely smooth surface.

You could even make your own little pathway from your house leading to the island decking to add to the experience.

best deck designs

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best deck designs

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Best Deck Designs: Attached Deck

The only difference between this and a patio is that an attached deck is slightly raised off the ground and is usually made from wood or wood composite decking material. Because of this, you will want to make sure your deck oiling is up to standard so you are able to maintain it’s fresh glow.

This style of deck is great if you wanted to expand your living space. You could add a little roof or some sort of overhead shade which will give off the impression of an added outdoor room.



Best Deck Designs: Swimming Pool Deck

If you have your own swimming pool in the garden, then decking around this is a brilliant idea. Not only will it look nice, but it will also be a lot safer because it will prevent slipping around the pool while keeping cool in the summer days.

Having surrounding deck will also give the impression of a bigger area because you’re extending out. You can go as far as you’d like, creating space for a sunlounger and a little table on which to put your cold beverages while you relax by the pool.

Choose wooden decking that has been treated or engineered to minimise harm from water and sun or select a slip-proof tile or paver.

best deck designs

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So as you can see there are many different options for you; you just need to think about what will work best in your garden and what kind of atmosphere you are trying to create.

Add furniture that A) fits the size of the outdoor space, and B) is designed for outdoor use.

best deck designs

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