Beautiful bespoke kitchens sell houses. And they also make living in your own home a whole lot more comfortable, functional and glamorous.

Personally designed and fitted bespoke kitchens will ensure that you end up with your dream kitchen. More homeowners are turning toward this option instead of purchasing flat packs, and there are many reasons why this is the case. From quality to flexibility, bespoke kitchens have it all.

Why Choose Bespoke Kitchens?

There are many kitchens for sale these days with different materials, styles, designs, and layouts to choose from. When it comes to your home, you don’t want to compromise on your desires, especially if you’re interested in finding the best local home builder to build the home of your dreams. A kitchen can represent a significant investment; do you really want to spend your hard-earned cash on something you don’t completely love? Instead, a bespoke fitted kitchen makes sure that you never have to compromise on any of your wishes.

open plan farmhouse kitchen in white and wood with slate floor
Image courtesy of Kettle Co Kitchens

In addition to this, you can enhance the functionality of your kitchen by choosing a bespoke solution. This is because you will be able to design a kitchen that suits your needs perfectly. This is especially important for those who like to show off a bit of creative flair when cooking. You can also optimise space by going down this route. The kitchen will be made to measure.

Thus, no matter how big or small your kitchen is, or how awkwardly shaped it may be, you can have a kitchen that looks just right for the space. This is particularly beneficial for smaller or unconventional shaped kitchens, as you can make the space look bigger and more inviting with the kitchen you choose. 

Bespoke Kitchens Are Tailored for YOUR Lifestyle

It’s important that your kitchen be tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle. For example, are you an avid cook and entertainer or is your kitchen simply a showpiece and you order in? Do you have children and want to include an eat-in area or do you prefer casual dining in the casual living space?

A bespoke kitchen will have cupboards and drawers that are designed to hold your big pots and oddly shaped platters. They will also be the exact size for the space and the right height for the ceiling. Bespoke kitchens typically have all appliances placed exactly where you want them and lighting positioned for task and ambient needs.

stunning black, white and gold kitchen with high ceilings
Image courtesy of Victoria Highfill

“When we design a bespoke and tailored kitchen for a client, every detail is designed specifically for them and their lifestyle. Nothing goes unnoticed” Penelope Herbert, Interior Designer, Plush Design Interiors

Eye-Catching And Classy Kitchen Design – Black High Gloss Kitchens

A black high gloss kitchen is something you should definitely consider if you want to add an eye-catching and classy touch to your home. There is no denying that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any property, and thus it is vital that you choose something that is stylish and functional. A black high gloss kitchen is just that.

Of course, you have a wide assortment of gloss kitchens to choose from, with many different colours available. However, if you go for a darker shade such as black, you will benefit from a kitchen that looks chic, contemporary, and sleek. This is the type of kitchen that looks incredibly expensive and luxurious, nevertheless, you don’t have to spend more on this type of kitchen than the others that are available.

Plush Design Interiors, my interior design business, is currently designing a high-gloss black kitchen for a client. The cabinetry is high-gloss black, the appliances are black, the counter tops are black with a white centre island, and the splashback is eye-stopping marble. Stay tuned for before and after images here on the Don’t Call Me Penny Interior Design Blog

black kitchen with stunning white marble splashback
Image courtesy of Panelform

Moreover, gloss kitchens provide you with a great way of making a kitchen look bigger, as the light reflects off the surface. With other styles of kitchens, it is somewhat impossible to make the space look bigger by choosing a darker colour. However, this is achievable with a black high gloss kitchen.

There is also the added benefit that gloss kitchens are easy to look after. All you need to do is wipe your worktops with a damp cloth and you will ensure they look stunning and shiny. All in all, if you want something with the wow factor, a black gloss kitchen is ideal.