Social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, are chocked full of images of stylish, modern bedrooms at the moment. Bedrooms that any style-conscious person would be happy to recreate in their own home, if only they had the money.

Well, before you shelve the idea altogether, read my post below as it’s stuffed with tips that can help you to re-decorate your bedroom space in this style without having to clear out your savings.

If the all white walls are too intense for you, add artwork to add colour and texture.

White walls

One of the defining features of a stylish modern bedroom are white walls. This is excellent news for anyone that is waiting to re-decorate because white paint is actually the cheapest you can buy! Of course, not everyone loves a pure white room, and some folks want some pop of colour as well, but don’t worry as this is totally possible to do without breaking the bank as well.

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In fact, instead of spending a fortune on elaborate wallpapers, and paint finishes go for a white on the walls and then add colour with framed art pieces in the tones you want.

For this, you can get huge frames that will really make a statement for a super small price from stores like IKEA. They’ll even fit A2 size printers which can be bought cheaply or even made if you like. Something that will allow you to decorate your bedroom space in a stylish manner for a fraction of the cost.

Minimal furniture

When I say minimal furniture, I mean both in style and volume, which is excellent news because, without the need to buy loads of ornate pieces, the cost of re-decorating your room will significantly fall.

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Of course, you’ll still have to find the money for the pieces that you do need, but there is a solution to that issue as well. It’s finding something you like from one afterpay furniture stores online. A tactic which will allow you to split the cost over 4 weeks.

Additionally, such a service also means that you can order an item, try it out in the space to see if it works and then send it back if you don’t like it. In fact, some stores allow you a whole fortnight to change your mind and make returns, something that will ensure you absolutely get the right look.


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One of the fantastic thing about the minimalism trend that is going on at the moment is that there are some features that you don’t even have to buy. This is because you can DIY them instead and save a fortune while doing so.

In fact, it’s pretty easy to create some abstract art to go on the walls to inject a little colour into your room. Just check out the tutorial in the video below for some ideas.

Oh, and knocking up a little macrame for your plant pots to sit in, or to act as a wall hanging can help you give your bedroom re-decoration just the right look, without having to spend much money at all!