When it comes to bedroom design for children, there are two schools of thought – age-appropriate and colourful OR timeless and elegant. If it’s timeless bedroom design for children that you want, then you’ll love these tips.

We know that when you have children, the idea of decorating and staging their room can be quite exciting.You could go cray-cray with bedroom design ideas.

But the problem many parents face is the fact their child’s mind can change quite quickly and often does when it comes to new trends. This can mean you’re being guilted into changing designs much more frequently. While Target and K-Mart are good for inexpensive bedroom accessories, constant changes can end up costing you a small fortune.

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Bedroom furniture by Circu, Magical Furniture for Children

So if you would rather avoid bedroom design tantrums then a more timeless look could be the answer. But how do you achieve that for children?

I want to share with you a few things that you could consider.

Bedroom Design for Children: Stick with neutral shades

Painting isn’t everyone’s favourite job, and often this can be the big thing you end up doing more often when it comes to changing your child’s bedroom.

A great tip is to stick with neutral shades, which means that changing accessories rather than paint colour is the way forward.

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Neutrals are not simply white and beige. New neutrals include pale greys and pastels that won;t date and to which other temporary colours can be added.

This helps you to avoid a big job and also enables you to keep a timeless look as they grow older.

If you are thinking about painting, then check out our article on painting for beginners with tips from ‘The Block’ Judge, Shaynna Blaze.

Bedroom Design for Children: Decide upon furniture that will grow with your child

Of course, like we do, children need storage and furniture in their room, and so it can be tempting to consider bunk beds or something more animated like a car bed or unicorn themed.

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However, this can mean that you need to replace things as tastes change and as they get older. A good tip to consider is to buy furniture that doesn’t necessarily age and does the job perfectly well.

Use accessories such as cushions, throws, inexpensive rugs, wall art and lights to give your child’s bedroom an overall theme and look.

Bedroom Design for Children: Think long and hard about accessories and how you stage the room

After the bigger jobs of painting walls and choosing furniture, focus on how you accessorize the room and stage it. This is the bit that may need to be changed the most often, so making clever choices could be the key here.

For example, a child that is train mad may appreciate a more grown up toy like a 4MT locomotive on display on a shelf, as well as other themed items on display.

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Animal wallpaper from Wallsauce

Wall art and stickers are great for short term decoration as well. A company such as WallSauce creates made-to-measure wallpaper murals that can be easily installed and removed.

Bedroom Design for Children: Storage is key

Storage is a real important element of a bedroom for any child, not just for their clothes but for their endless toys that accumulate over the months and years.

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Pinterest is full of clever storage ideas that you could incorporate into a bedroom space that, once in place, won’t need to be changed or upgraded in anyway.

Think about underbed storage, open shelving, and double duty storage like a trunk or ottoman that doubles as a seat.

Bedroom Design for Children: Make it a useable space

Finally, you may want to think about making it a more usable space to spend time in. Children need space on the floor to play, a relaxed place to unwind and rest.

Making sure the room ticks all these boxes will encourage them to spend more time in their bedroom. Which hopefully will keep all their mess in their room and not strewn throughout the house.

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