Bedroom design changes don’t have to be big to be effective. The experts at Tuck Sleep understand this so have provided 4 small changes you can make to get a better nights sleep.

We could all use a little help when it comes to sleep. Luckily, making some small bedroom design changes can help you sleep easier. Well ventilated and decluttered space can create a comfortable environment.

Adding the right paint can set the tone for rest too. You can also update your bedding and pillows for a luxurious night’s sleep.

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Open doors & windows while you sleep

Believe it or not, creating some air flow in the bedroom will go far to improving the quality of your sleep at night. Opening your doors and windows creates a path for air to flow through the room you’re sleeping.

The above study measured qualitative and quantitative sleep and found that sleep quality improved with more ventilation, with better test responses and better-reported concentration.

If there’s too much noise or nasty weather outside your window or door, you can try to replicate the air flow’s effects with a rotating fan strategically placed for your sleeping space.

bedroom design changes

Choose Matte Paint

In terms of popular bedroom design changes one of the easiest and cheapest is to paint your walls with a matte, non-shiny paint. While the satin sheened colors may look lovely during the day, they can be a huge distraction when you’re struggling to sleep at night.

If you choose to repaint your bedroom, take a few minutes and change out your air filters and dust those air vents. Remember, air flow is your friend!

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Plush Design Interiors

Declutter Your Space

Whether you’re the most organized person in the world or a fan of “organized chaos” in your decorations, one thing we could all benefit from is a little less clutter around our sleep area.

This study found that those who tend towards hoarding also have significantly more trouble sleeping and that their clutter was a big part of the reason for that struggle.

Try finding a new home for the things you need to have, but don’t necessarily need to have in the bedroom.

For non-necessary items, you can also apply the popular KonMari method and ask yourself if an object serves a purpose or brings you joy. If not? Donate that item to someone else to use.

That can work for clothes, paperwork, books or accessories. If you don’t need it, and don’t want it, taking it out of your sphere can be incredible for improving your sleep on a regular basis.

bedroom design changes

The Perfect Pillow

Finding the perfect pillow for your sleep style can be difficult. There’s a lot of trial and error involved in finding the right kind of pillow since we all sleep differently.

Side sleepers and back sleepers may need a different type of pillow than a stomach sleeper. With the help of the internet and an experimental attitude, you can easily find the right pillow for you and then hunt for the best deal from your local retailers and e-tailers.

bedroom design changes

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