A beautiful bathroom is the top of the list for many renovators. The choice of gorgeous tiles, chic vanities, metal tap-ware and stunning baths is almost endless. But do you have to spend big just to get the beautiful bathroom you crave? Not necessarily.

So, you want a beautiful bathroom but you have a small budget? No problem. Whether you’re tired of how your old bathroom looks or you just want to impress friends when they use the powder room, you’ll love these tips.

A good start is to create a mood-board of how you’d like your bathroom to ‘feel’. Choose colours and textures as a basis. You don’t have to include the exact product at this point.

beautiful bathroom

Mood-Board created by Plush Design Interiors for a client bathroom

A Beautiful Bathroom Is Easy To Clean

Start by making your bathroom easy to clean.Some ideas include;

  • Washable and moisture-proof paint
  • Large format tiles (less grout)
  • Seamless concrete floors
  • Undermount sinks
  • Wall mounted tap-ware
  • Wall hung vanity
  • At least 100cm of space around a free-standing bath
  • Frame-less shower screens and doors
  • Pivot shower doors
  • Easy clean metals (better quality metal tap-ware will be easier to keep clean)
  • Storage for easy to access cleaning products – organic with essential oils

A Beautiful Bathroom Includes Plants And Other Greenery

Just because this is your bathroom, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be including plants and other greenery. Flowers and plants that like some humidity are perfect for a bathroom so check with your local garden shop.

beautiful bathroom

Image by Lisa Moyneur

Whether your bathroom is very sunny or very shady will also determine what types of plants will survive and thrive.

However, faux plants are so good these days you could include orchids or a fiddle leaf fig that look as fabulous as the real thing… and they won’t die.

Come Up With Your Own Beautiful Bathroom Colour Scheme

Come up with a beautiful colour scheme for your bathroom. Bright whites and neutrals are definitely popular, but this isn’t a hard and fast rule you have to stick to if you want a beautiful bathroom.

beautiful bathroom

Plush Design Interiors

You can incorporate all kinds of colours. What will make you feel happiest, or most relaxed? Think of your favouurite colors and how they make you feel so you can decide from there.

Make Sure Your Beautiful Bathroom Suits Your Lifestyle

Your bathroom should suit your lifestyle. For instance, if you know a wet room would be ideal for you, stop putting it off and contact a place like MLP Plumbing to help you to put a plan together.

Wet rooms can be expensive and take time to install, but they are more than worth it when you have your whole bathroom to play with – not to mention how easy it will be to clean!

Incorporate A Beautiful Tiled Wall

Having a beautiful tiled wall as a ‘feature’ in your bathroom can help to bring it more personality than ever before.

beautiful bathroom

Plush Design Interiors

All you have to do is select tiles that you love or make a mosaic type pattern with them, and choose the right wall. Glass tiles, brightly coloured tiles, or even a mosaic of something (or someone) you love will be unique and joyful.

Use Beautiful Big Mirrors

Big mirrors will reflect light and space around any bathroom, making it look larger and more luxurious. Make sure you have a large mirror above your vanity!

beautiful bathroom

Plush Design Interiors

beautiful bathroom

Project Paris Apartment

A beveled edge mirror adds luxury. However, you could also buy an ornate picture frame and put a mirror in it.

Position lights at eye level on either side of a mirror to cast the best light for putting on makeup.

Focus On Quality Accessories

Having quality accessories in your bathroom will make all the difference; for example, super fluffy towels that you can roll up and display or rose gold tapware.

Pieces such as a faux marble brush holder, scented luxury soaps, cut glass (or crystal) canisters with bath salts, and luxury scented candles will easily up-date any bathroom.

How will you make your bathroom more beautiful?

Need Help Designing Your Beautiful Bathroom?

At Plush Design Interiors, I design spaces in 3D so my clients can experience my interior design before any works start. Ask me how by contacting me on 0421 043 505 or penelope@plushdesigninteriors.com.au. I can also work from your own floor plan or architectural plans, anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

beautiful bathroom

3D Bathroom Design by Plush Design Interiors

beautiful bathroom

3D Bathroom Design by Plush Design Interior