Beach body baby, the sun’s on the way and it wants you to come out and play.

Every summer most people re-assess their approach to their fitness and healthy eating regimen. You might have fallen off your steadfast commitment to your new year’s resolution to get a beach body, but that doesn’t mean you should feel bad about yourself this summer and cover yourself up in the heat.

Being more confident in your body only takes a few steps to achieve. Unfortunately, there aren’t any ‘quick fixes’ or ‘magic diets’ as hardline marketing will have you believe. But there are plenty of lifestyle changes you can adopt to look better for your vacation in August, even if you only start at the beginning of July.

Impossible you say? In reality, it’s far from it. Here’s how you can make the most of it.

beach body


Beach Body: Stretches

Stretching and doing yoga improves your posture, which in turn improves your confidence and alertness. This is because occupying your body in dominant ‘positions’ actually has a net increase on how comfortable you feel in your surroundings.

There is science to back this up. The more space you occupy, primarily by improving your posture, the better you’ll feel within your physical frame.

Just think of when an athlete crosses the finishing line first, or a soccer player scores a tremendous goal. The very first thing they do, instinctively and naturally, is raise their hands to the sky in a triumphant pose.

This isn’t an accident. If you feel confident, your posture is more dominant. Subvert this process by focusing on the posture side first. You’ll also look more appealing as a result.

beach body


Beach Body: Exercise

Exercise, while you may have neglected it thus far, is never too late to start. If you’re unsure of how to best proceed in your fitness regimen, why not use a specialized vibration machine to help train your otherwise unstressed frame with simple exercises that are efficient and easily self-taught?

If you’re anxious to attend a gym, to begin with, this can help you tremendously in achieving that summer frame that you desire, well within the comforts and amenities of your own home While exercising, your frame will readjust itself, and you’ll improve your attractiveness tenfold.

Beach Body: Tanning

You’ll tan very quickly on a beach. However, it’s important that you turn up relatively tanned in the first place. This will help you avoid the ‘milk bottle’ symptom that could make you feel uncomfortable on the first day.

This can be as simple as tanning yourself with tanning lotion around a week before you begin. This is entirely optional but will be worth it if you like to start your holiday the best way it can be.

beach body


Beach Body: Fitting Beachwear

Beachwear needs to fit well for it to complement your frame. You don’t need the best or most expensive beachwear, or even the best body to wear it. You just need it to equip well on your frame, and you need the confidence to pull it off.

This isn’t to say you need a frilly beach bikini to look great. A full swimwear suit might be enough. What matters is that it fits you and is relatively stylish. What makes you feel good will make you look good.

These fitness and confidence tips will help you slay the beach this summer. Have a wonderful time!

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