Beach accessories with swimwear was very fashionable many years ago and then they fell out of favour. However, a fashionable change is imminent.

For quite a while now, woman have worn their bikini or bathing suit with no beach accessories but that’s all changing in time for a southern summer.

Accessorising beachwear is coming back into fashion, and it is simple to do. It does not have to be expensive and can be great experimenting with which things are the best for you.

Beach Accessories: Scarves

Ditch the straw hat and opt for a scarf instead. Lift it from the back and tie the two ends on top. This is not only more fashionable but it will stop those stray pieces of hair from falling into your eyes. Or you could wear it ‘gypsy’ style.

beach accessories

Covering most of your head and tied at the back. This is better if the wind becomes more than a gentle breeze.

Scarves can be used in more ways than on your head. Tie them around your waist or your wrist and add a bit of class to whatever you are wearing.

Beach Accessories: Jewellery

The one thing you have to watch with jewellery is that it may be ruined by the sea and sand. Once you have found some that is beach friendly, you can wear your earrings, necklaces, bracelets or whatever else and enjoy them.

beach accessories

Some jewellery is fine for the beach, but not any good in the water. Then you just have to remove it before going for a swim, and put it straight back on afterwards.

This can be a bit of a pain but will be well worth the effort to keep you feeling good.

Beach Accessories: Bikini and Swimsuit Fashions

Even the designers of bikinis and bathing suits have become aware of this latest trend for accessorising beachwear. Bikinis with high waists are now more available than ever.

beach accessories

With these, you can wear a belt, or use a silk scarf to tie through the loops of the bikini bottoms.

Bathing suits are becoming more adventurous as well. Often they are joined by just a couple of small straps around the middle, allowing you to put that silk scarf to use again or to maybe hang some chains from them.

Beach Accessories: Bags

With your bags, just remember that you will be shaking the beach out of them for weeks after your visit, so do not use your best ones.

beach accessories

Bags are a must to keep all the things in that are vital for a beach day, but make sure they are kept for the beach and then the sand in them will not be a problem.

Bags for the beach can be a big and colourful as you want, or as small and plain. That choice is yours.

Enjoy Your Fabulous Beach Accessories

There are countless ways you can add something special to your beachwear. Trying different accessories on the beach can be great fun, and you should take no notice of those that are not following this trend if they disagree.

beach accessories

Let them carry on wearing nothing but their swimwear and you just enjoy accessorising your bikini or bathing suit.