When winter strikes we know all about it. Suddenly, getting out of bed isn’t such a pleasant idea which is why we need bathroom winter warmers to entice us.

Now is the perfect time to prepare your home for winter, turning your bathroom into a toasty retreat with some great bathroom winter warmers tips.

Hard surfaces such as tile, stone and ceramic seem a chic idea when designing a bathroom, but they can make it the coldest room in the house when winter hits. Brrrrrr. So imagine stepping out of the shower or bath and being cocooned by warmth during the depths of winter. Yes PLEASE!

Bathroom winter warmers

Here are five bathroom winter warmers tips to have you leaping out of bed with anticipation of the toasty bathroom you’ll be enjoying.


Heated towel rails will instantly warm up your space and they are a quick and easy way to add a little luxury to your bathroom. Sometimes I pop my towels in the dryer (but then someone has to bring them to me in the bathroom when they are nice and hot). But you can enjoy the feeling of being wrapped up in a fluffy, warm towel after a steamy shower or bath with a heated towel rail. They are also an excellent space saver for storing towels and adding a modern aesthetic to your bathroom.

You’ll love the range of styles available to suit your bathroom design and practical requirements, including traditional ladders, swivel, mobile, freestanding and individual rails.

Bathroom winter warmers

Kado Quad Frame 850 heated towel rail in Black

Bathroom winter warmers

Hydrotherm Milan floor to ceiling heated rail


I used to have underfloor heating in the bathroom and it’s DIVINE. Do consider installing it if you are building or renovating your bathroom. A little warmth underfoot is a clever solution and such a luxury on cold wintry mornings. Because heat rises, underfloor heating is one of the most efficient ways to heat your home and is a great long-term investment. Advancements in technology mean underfloor heating systems can now be installed for the concrete slab of a new build and even in a retrofit.


Bath mats or rugs are an easy and cost effective way to keep your feet warm in the bathroom. Place them in front of the sink, toilet and shower to keep your feet warm. Opt for a warming colour or a stylish pattern to add to your bathroom design.

Bathroom winter warmers


Windows, skylights and a clear glass shower surround make the most of natural light and on a sunny day can add extra warmth. Make sure your windows are air-tight to avoid letting cold air into the bathroom – even the smallest crack can result in the loss of warm air. However, do ensure your bathroom is well ventilated and that you have an excellent exhaust fan otherwise you could develop a mould problem if the bathroom doesn’t dry out from steamy hot showers.


A splash of colour can instantly add a sense of warmth to your bathroom on a chilly morning. Warmer tones such as red, orange and yellow can help create a cosy ambience in a space.

Bathroom winter warmers

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