Bathroom windows offer ventilation and light. However, when your bathroom has small or non-existent windows, it can offer a difficult design conundrum.

Regardless of whether a room is black or white, if there is no light source then the room will still be dark. Interior Designer Shaynna Blaze transforms Victorian homes on ‘Deadline Design’ which airs on Wednesday at 9.30pm on Foxtel’s Lifestyle until Dec 21st 2016. Shaynna provided a great design solution for a small bathroom with limited natural light.

Owners, Max and Kirby, wanted an element of surprise in each room but the bathroom was a challenge – no natural light. Shaynna’s solution was a Moroccan-inspired space that includes rich green, royal blue, elements of crystal, gold, and a reflective brushed copper.

Perini provided the handmade green tiles and the painted hand basin, with Taubmans paint in ‘Foster’ adding rich green to the ceiling. Whilst Mii Kitchen supplied the cabinetry, That Metal Company supplied the gorgeous #906 Brushed Copper metal. The metal was applied to the cabinetry on the shaving, storage, and vanity reflecting light and adding richness to the bathroom.

Keeping the copper theme, Shaynna eschewed polished chrome tapware instead opting for custom finished aged copper tapware from Brodware. This provided visual cohesion between the brushed copper metal on the cabinetry and the tapware.

Shaynna’s choice of brushed copper was designed to reflect light around the bathroom but not deflect from the other rich features – being the tiles, hand basin, and ceiling. The addition of a crystal pendant light cluster casts extra light and reflects beautifully off the metal.

A stylish solution to a common problem; lack of natural light. That Metal Company, who provided the sheet metal for the project, has a range of brushed and polished metals perfect for reflecting light. These are, #901 #903 #906 #920

For further information, please contact Ali or Ange at That Metal Company. Mittagong NSW #thegirlsbehindthemetal #themetalbehindthelooks

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All images used with permission. Credit : Vanessa Hall for Lifestyle.