Now is a great time to think about a bathroom makeover. Why? Because the warmer weather makes it easier for trades to renovate a wet area. And, typically, a bathroom makeover uses more individual trades than any other room in the house.

Bathrooms are one of the most used spaces in your home. Over time, all the water, steam, and soap scum can deteriorate your bathroom leaving it looking pretty ordinary. And when water and damp get into the walls, then it’s definitely time for a bathroom makeover.

Modern bathrooms are now places of calm and tranquility. They are spaces in which to relax and unwind. However, if you’re bathroom is old and daggy, you won’t find it a relaxing place in which to revitalise and restore yourself.

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You may not even realise that damp and mildew have crept into wall cavities and behind vanity units. And this is a pace in which you CLEAN yourself? Even scented candles won’t fix that.

Every decade or so, it’s time for a bathroom makeover. Your current bathroom colours and tiles become dated and the fittings become old-fashioned. So why not change up to a modern bathroom with a classical edge. Hire a reputable interior designer and get started designing your dream bathroom.

Start Your Bathroom Makeover With A New Bathroom Suite

Your bath, shower, toilet, and sink will definitely have had their fair share of use; particularly if your whole family have been using them. Replacing them is something that may be necessary from time-to-time.

Look for a bathroom suite that will stand the test of time. Fashions shift, and you will want something that will look good in a few years time. With bathroom fittings being quite an expense, you need to consider getting a long-term fashion choice.

For example, frameless shower screens have a simple and effective design. They will still look beautiful if you need to redecorate around them in a few years. PLUS, modern shower screens are hardwearing enough to withstand anything that your family will throw at them. 

Walls, Floors, And Ceilings

It is essential to use a waterproof paint designed for bathroom use when doing a bathroom makeover. Standard paints will react adversely to steam and water. Your interior designer or painter will be able to advise on the best paints. However, all the reputable brands – including Dulux, Taubmans, Wattle, Resene, Farrow & Ball, and Benjamin Moore – will have paints to suit.

When designing for a luxury hotel feel, tile up to the ceiling. This is more expensive, however, so a half tile wall with waterproof paint or wallpaper will still look fabulous. Penelope Herbert, Interior Designer, Plush Design Interiors

When it comes to flooring, choose a wood-look tile, hybrid planks, porcelain tile or treated timber. These are all easy to clean and very practical in a bathroom. I recommend never putting carpet in a bathroom, although a beautiful rug on one of the above-mentioned floors is OK.

Ensure your bathroom is well ventilated. Opening windows are ideal for fresh air circulation. However, you may also need a highly efficient exhaust fan. Those that are flush to the ceiling provide the most stylish result.

Creating A Sense Of Space

There is often a lot going on in your bathroom. Between your bath, shower, toilet, and sink, you may not have that much room for anything else. Older homes, in particular, were never designed to have large bathrooms. However, when you are relaxing in the bath, you don’t want to feel as though you are in a small box.

There is not much that can generally be done about the actual size of your bathroom. Unless you have the luxury of being able to extend the room, you will need to find ways of creating a better sense of space.

Decorating using lighter tones is one way of giving the illusion of space when a room is small. Use the same neutral tile on both the walls and the floor. Let in as much natural light as possible and decorate with mirrors and reflective surfaces, such as metal.

See what ‘The Block’ judge, Shaynna Blaze did with metal to make a virtually windowless bathroom seem bigger. Click the link to read.

Need Expert Help for Your Bathroom Makeover?

Plush Design Interiors re-design bathrooms and create exceptional 3D designs so you can experience your new space. AND we can re-design your space no matter where you live. For more information, please visit

3D bathroom concept by Plush Design Interiors
3D bathroom concept by Plush Design Interiors