Style lovers need no longer settle for the imperfect when PERFECT is at hand with Barefoot Gypsy – bohemian, unrestrained, wild at heart and colourful. Barefoot Gypsy searches the globe for beautiful pieces hand-crafted by artisans and exciting textiles with a quirky, unique or passionate back story.

You’ll fall in exotic love with the new range of tribal bags, antique textiles, Beni Ourain rugs, upcycled leather, reclaimed fabric cushions and Moroccan wedding blankets. Barefoot Gypsy will be launching new charpoy beds at InStyle in Sydney next month featuring a modern twist with chunky knits, linen throws and on-trend textured cushions. There will also be softly stylish leather bags, clutches and purses that will create a luxe relaxed vibe worn day or night.

The Founder of Barefoot Gypsy, Maxine Smith, wants to give customers a rich experience as tho they have just visted exotic locations themselves. Sourcing old and new items from Bolivia, Africa, Asia and Morocco, this excitingly crafted edit will add a new story to your home. Maxine supports local artisans in developing countries because she wants to support something bigger than the items themselves. Although the romanticism of each piece bringing with it a story is intoxicating, Maxine is a realist.

“I have started working with a co-op in Marrakech supporting the community to develop a beautiful range of Moroccan wedding blankets and woollen pom-pom blankets; it means a lot to be part of something more”

View and purchase the gorgeous collection at Barefoot Gypsy who will be exhibiting and launching new products at Life InStyle, Sydney Feb 18 – 21, 2016