Bamboo fashion became Edwina Walsh’s passion after a single trip to Bangladesh saw her turn her back on a fashion career she loved.

Edwina was not prepared for what she saw when she went to visit a factory in Bangladesh. Having worked with major Australian fashion brands, brought to market labels you will know well, and with a degree gained in New York, Edwina turned her back on it all. Well, not quite all.. she turned to ethical and sustainable bamboo fashion creating her own label, Bamboo Monkey.

Starting with socks and then expanding to athleisure wear, Edwina is now a crusader for the amazing benefits of bamboo both environmentally and for bamboo fashion. I interviewed Edwina about her incredible background with iconic designers, moving to New York with two young children, and the exact moment she knew she couldn’t work in the traditional fashion game anymore.

Listen to the Edwina Walsh Podcast on our sister site, The Style Podcast. You’ll also find the social media and website links.

Listen to this and other great podcasts on our Sister Site, The Style Podcast, or download from iTunes.

Bamboo is soft, warm, cooling, it breathes, keeps its shape and looks like cashmere. Edwina has designed a beautiful range of socks, and will be adding to the range with work socks, plus her delightfully tactile athleisure wear, some of which is seen here. It just begs to be worn.

If you have an interest in bamboo fashion, ethical and sustainable practices in the industry, and how bamboo helps people with diabetes then you’ll enjoy listening to the podcast with Edwina Walsh. I learnt such a lot and Edwina is a vibrant and dynamic crusader, but she makes sense. I wonder, now, why the world even bothers growing cotton! Listen or download the podcast and make up your own mind.

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