Bad bathroom moisture is caused by a lack of care, maintenance, and adequate ventilation. Excess moisture WILL ruin your bathroom and cost you money to repair.

Of course there’s something you can’t escape from in your bathroom: all of that water! Every pipe in your bathroom uses water and there’s always steam from hot showers and spa baths. Bad bathroom moisture is a curse. So your bathroom MUST be the best water-proofed room in the house.

Otherwise, your walls will get wet and encourage rising damp and mould to develop. Extensive water damage to your walls and floors can be expensive and time-consuming to fix too.

bad bathroom moisture

Unfortunately, all of the pipes and appliances in bathrooms aren’t completely immune from water damage and, over time, they will become a lot more susceptible to it. So, you need to ensure that the room is kept as water-proof and moisture-proof as possible.

Avoid Bad Bathroom Moisture: Maintain Your Plumbing

Over time, the plumbing in your bathroom will become worn and old, and might even be damaged. To ensure that this doesn’t become too much of a problem, you should keep an eye on all the pipes and plumbing in your bathroom and make sure that they are correctly maintained.

This will also help you spot any potential problems early on so that you can get things fixed when it will still be cheap and easy to do so. Watch for clogged drains, noisy pipes, and taps that get stuck or don’t perform.

bad bathroom moisture

Avoid Bad Bathroom Moisture: Look After The Tiles

Do you remember the last time you had some tile regrouting work carried out in your bathroom? If you haven’t done any in the last year or so, especially on the tiles around your bathroom and sink, it’s important you arrange a company to come and carry this out.

The grout can wear away over the time and allow water into the walls between the tiles. This can lead to some significant water damage that can leave you with a large repair bill.

bad bathroom moisture

Avoid Bad Bathroom Moisture: Be Careful How You Use Your Toilet

The toilet is one bathroom product that we regularly take for granted. That’s probably because we use it so much. But you need to take good care of your toilet if you want it to take care of your bathroom in return!

Firstly, make sure that you only flush toilet paper down it. Anything else will likely clog up the drains and pipes, and this could cause a leak in your bathroom. Provide a lidded bin for sanitary products and clean it reguarly.

If you have a septic tank into which all your toilet waste goes, it is important that you only use toilet paper and cleaners that are safe for the tank.

bad bathroom moisture

Avoid Bad Bathroom Moisture: Install A Fan

If you don’t already have a fan in your bathroom, you really should install one as soon as possible. A lot of the water damage in bathrooms is caused by excessive moisture in the air.

If you have ever had a steamy shower, you will know just how much moisture can get into the air in a bathroom! A fan can quickly remove any excess moisture from the air so that it doesn’t hang around for too long and absorb into the walls.

Hopefully, this guide can help you keep your bathroom free from all that wet, wet, wet!

bad bathroom moisture