A backyard oasis is within reach for home owners who have even a small garden they wish to use more effectively.

Turning a bland outdoor space into an exciting and beautiful backyard oasis extension of your home may be easier than you think. While most magazine-featured, extravagant backyard architectural solutions may come across as pompous and virtually impossible to reach, there are actually a few tricks you could use to inject your outdoor space with charm, personality, and luxury of your own choosing.

Read the tips below and get inspired to create your very own backyard oasis.

backyard oasis

Build a water feature

Whether you are looking to build something smaller or a jaw-dropping water feature, the idea is to create a piece that will work perfectly with your current backyard design.

Have your fountain/stream/pond built around a stone which will have the water circulating through the rock with the help of a pump.

Consult with a professional what the way to install it is and find a way to decorate it with outdoor plants that will add a touch of realness to your artificial water feature.

backyard oasis

Make a grill gazebo

If you have a larger family or like having people over for barbeque, drinks and other summertime joys, building a grill gazebo is a phenomenal idea for your backyard oasis.

Building this ‘grillzebo’ is a great way for you to bounce between the guests and the grill, staying equally committed to both. Build ample room for seating so your guests can be comfortable and cool. And, guess what? It doesn’t take longer than a weekend to build this structure, so – what are you waiting for!

P.S. You can additionally decorate it with oriental elements like rich baldachins, dimmed lights, and thick and tall plants.

backyard oasis

Include a pergola in your backyard oasis

Give your outdoor space an element of elegance by treating it to a vine-covered pergola. You can either build a separate pergola altogether or top your existing patio off with one to reduce the costs.

Also, if you want to avoid worrying about matching your existing outdoor house design to the one you are building, go for a separate structure.

Pergolas look phenomenal when decorated with light, sheer materials or greenery. Spruce up the outdoor décor by spreading little light features through the pergola for romantic, Tumblr-like scenery.

backyard oasis

Incorporate natural stone accents

When designing a garden from scratch or adding fresh, exciting elements to your backyard, the wise thing to do is include as much nature as possible in your design. While you may be thinking “I’m already outside, isn’t nature a given?”, you may be slightly off there.

Most people make the mistake of forcing the inside décor onto their outdoor spaces, and by doing so, are eliminating the whole “oasis” concept they were initially going for.

If your backyard has a lot of greens already, include natural stone in the design to create pathways, sitting features or elegant stone fixtures.

Stone can be used for plant holders, tables, and benches, especially when combined with other natural elements. For your backyard trails, use stylish exposed aggregate concrete for a wonderful aesthetic appeal and texture. Play with stone variations for a natural and refreshing vibe.

backyard oasis

Build an outdoor living room

An extension to your living room could be a fantastic solution for everyone who is looking to give their outdoor space a hint of homey comfort and universal elegance.

Make sure you have a protective roof built to shield you from the elements and a quality carpenter to install the features that will turn your outdoor space into a proper imitation of your indoor area.

To keep the element of cohesion throughout your actual living room and the outdoor one, opt for the same type of design in and outdoors.

If you want to avoid the sameness of furniture elements, pick a few accent colors, shapes or styles to unite both spaces. For instance, if your living room is decorated in a modern design but you want your outdoor living room to have a touch of rustic charm, have your outdoor dining table in a modern design and opt for a vintage/rustic set of chairs. It’s all about the details, really.

Good luck building your backyard oasis!

backyard oasis

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