Baby nursery decorating is fun and heart-warming. How wonderful is it to be able to plan and decorate a nursery for a new baby? It’s one of the most exciting changes you will make to your house in your lifetime (yes, above the rainfall shower in the bathroom!).

Being creative with your baby nursery decorating is the aim of the game. Remember that your nursery won’t be used for a few months yet. So you don’t have to try to get it 100% finished by the due date!

It’s okay if you wait for delivery from for beautiful wall decals. It’s okay to wait for the furniture to be put up. The point of this nursery is that you have plenty of time to plan it out and get it right. So, with this in mind, we’ve got some ideas to help you to make your baby’s new nursery stand out.

Use Pastels for Baby Nursery Decorating

Colours for a nursery are always exciting to plan. You may want to be all edgy, with a grey and white palette. However, while it’s great for Instagram it’s not so great for a real nursery. Soft colours make the room stand out, as do wall decals and other canvas arts for the walls. Pastel colors can be in anything from neutrals to pale shades of purples, blues, greens, yellows and pinks. However, ensure the colours are soft not harsh.

You can really make the space stand out when you choose colours that match and complement, too. Pastel yellow walls always look beautiful with bolder navy accessories, for example.

Ignore Baby Bedding… Yes, Really

Your baby won’t need bedding beyond a fitted sheet until they are in their toddler years. Sleeping bags are safer than blankets and cot bumpers have no place in a nursery, anyway. A pretty and safe cot is an empty one, and they won’t be using it for a little while yet!

Choose Lighting Perfect for Baby Nursery Decorating

Add softer, dimmer lighting in the nursery in the form of lamplights rather than using a bright LED bulb in the ceiling. You want to be able to use lighting in the night during feeds or nappy changes. However, you don’t necessarily want to wake the baby up during other times.

As well as ceiling lights and lamps, consider some strip lighting. Strip lighting can be used on the underside of shelves, the joinery kickers or even around the bottom of a crib, depending on the design. This adds very soft lighting so you can see what you’re doing or check on baby without waking up him or her.

Know What You Need

You might see photographs of nurseries with changing tables and magic nappy bins, however you don’t necessarily need them. Make a list of the furniture that you need rather than what you want and focus on the needs first. Once you have bought what you need, you can then focus on what you want – and that’s all the fun stuff!

Remember, Babies Puke

Before you go and spend a ton of money on brand new carpets and rugs, know your child. Babies puke very quickly and easily after feeds. So it may be better to lay laminate or hardwood floors down and then add a rug. You can move the rug out of the way and when your baby spits up, you won’t have a carpet to clean with every spit! It’s a good way to save your time and energy with cleaning.