We love awesome gardens but we don’t all love gardening. Whilst some garden management will never go astray, if it’s been a while since you last mowed the lawn or cut back the hedge behind the fence, there’s going to be a lot of work to do!

And when you face the fact that there’s a big project ahead, you’ll probably put it off again and again. So it’s clear we need to make the task of garden care a bit easier here! And if you’re in that boat right now, check out the tips below. 

Install Raised Beds and Plant High

The less bending and kneeling you have to do, the better! So get some wood to make raised beds and put them on the lawn, or sprinkle some shingle down first and then install them on top of that. 

And if you don’t want to build the beds yourself, you can easily buy them from a DIY shop or your nearest garden centre. They might cost a bit more, but that tends to be the price we pay for convenience. If you’re OK with that, the gardening work is going to be even less hassle! 

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

Get Yourself Some Reliable Tools

The tools you use in the garden can make life a lot easier. Once again, you can eliminate the need to bend or overreach here when you buy long-handled pruners and shears, as well as tactical shovels and rakes. 

And reliable tools tend to be ones you’ve paid at least mid price for, or that you can easily take along to a repair shop. A lawn mower repair can be cheaper than a new one, especially if you’ve got a bigger unit you’re able to drive that you already know works well! So be sure to invest in tools like these above any others – they’ll make the work go much quicker. 

Plant Year Round Flowers

The less time you have to spend planting, the more time you can spend enjoying the fruit of your labours. This means you’ll want to buy seedlings and shoots of year-round flowers, sometimes known as perennials. Of course, depending on where you live, these flowers are going to differ, so be sure to read the labels at the garden centre carefully.

Photo by Taisiia Stupak on Unsplash

Don’t Do Too Much in a Day

Yes, you’re going to need a break here and there and that’s no bad thing! However, this might be hard to wrap your head around at first; after all, you’ll probably want to get everything done at once. But doing so will ruin your gardening motivation entirely. 

You need to take your time here, and stay hydrated throughout your time outside. Buy a reusable water bottle you can clip onto a belt, so you can take a swig every now and then whilst you work under the hot sun. 

Gardening can be made easier with a few choice accommodations. Do your bit with the tips above, for more greenery and splendour that you can find just outside your house. 

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