Autumn home styling isn’t simply about adding leafy motifs to your decor and putting throws on the sofa. Far from it, actually.

Now that we in Australia are in the full swing of autumn, it’s time to start thinking about changing your home decor to suit the season. In the warm weather, we tend to declutter with spring cleaning opening all the doors and windows to refresh the air. Whereas in autumn and winter we seek the warmth of interior home comforts. After all, with the weather turning cooler more of us want to enjoy the great indoors rather than be outside.

autumn home styling

It’s understandable that we want our home to represent our current mood, which is why I thought it was the ideal time to share with you some innovative autumn home styling ideas. These will not only make your heart dance, but any guests will swoon over your home styling skills. Interested? Read on to find out more.

Who says Spring is the only time you can change things?

I don’t think there are any set guidelines that you can only spring clean in the warmer weather. Generally, you’ll want to have any major renovations done when it’s warm. However, cooler weather provides a wonderful opportunity to get stuck into some easy autumn home styling or redecorating.

Perhaps you’d like to swap out some lighting installing more modern pendant lights or even a beautiful chandelier.

Changing colours using paint, stencils or wallpaper will make a significant difference to the look and feel of any room. Similarly, don’t underestimate the difference a rug can make to a room.

The example below shows the same room with and without a simple rug.

autumn home styling

Before a rug

autumn home styling

After rug

Thankfully, taking inspiration online can help. Locating unique businesses and purchasing rugs from Hali, for example, or even using Pinterest boards to compare colour schemes and different ideas.

Rugs don’t have to be only placed on wall-to-wall flooring like hardwood, concrete, and carpet. Rugs can also be layered on other larger rugs or sisal for a dynamic effect. Ensure furniture fits correctly on the rug without the back legs of chairs and tables protruding over the edges.

Leave a minimum of two feet from the edge of a table to the edge of a rug to allow for chairs to fit comfortably. If you can leave three feet then chairs can be pulled out and still remain on the rug.

autumn home styling

Enjoy some of the latest trends

Have you heard about the latest craze of Hygge? (pron. hue-gah) This is a lifestyle in which Danish people embrace happy. The Danes are known as some of the happiest people around, and they claim it is down to the concept of Hygge. Banish the autumn blues and replace with harmonious and calming shades of white, cream, taupe, beige,

Banish the autumn blues and replace with harmonious and calming shades of white, cream, taupe, beige, sea foam, pale coral, grey, pale chartreuse, and wild sea blue. See my go-to paint providers, Taubmans and Dulux, for all the new 2017 colours.

But while you may not want to practice it completely, there are certain aspects of Hygge that you can add to your home to embrace the cooler seasons ahead.

autumn home styling

Hygge (hue-gah)

autumn home styling


Adding things like candles, for example, to create the right lighting and ambiance. Candles can be a great style feature to your home. Whether you choose something scented, or just fill your home with neutral church candle styles, they are bound to add a comforting glow and look to your autumn home styling.

Keeping those blankets close at hand for those cozy nights in watching the latest movie or box set is also a wonderful feature of Hygge to embrace. They can be styled with your chairs and sofas, or just kept in a wicker basket in your living area. Even adding different cushions to your soft furnishings can be an excellent way to take inspiration from Hygge with your autumn home styling.

Not only do cushions and throws add some extra comfort to your seating, they also look fabulous as well. Match your colour scheme or use autumn home styling as an opportunity to add a new colour into the mix. This may sound like you are adding unnecessary clutter to your home, but styled right these little features will not only enhance your inside experience but also help you enjoy the cooler weather.

autumn home styling


autumn home styling

Zanui Hygge MoodBoard in blue, white, and beige.


I created a simple mood board for you from items I found on Zanui. Take a basic blue sofa and add elements of white, gold, taupe, beige, blue, and sea foam. Add texture with faux fur, knotted wool, knit, and stripes. You’re now well on your way to creating your own Hygge home decor.

Sometimes you just have to think outside of the box when it comes to the seasons and your home. It’s an incredible opportunity to embrace some alternative ideas and directions.

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