Australian landscaping trends aren’t just for Aussies. Our international writer, Diana Smith, shares her tips on the best Australian landscaping trends for you to try in your own home.

Landscaping and gardening are two very popular hobbies all over the world and Australia is no different. It’s great for the body and the soul and it brings many other benefits as well. So I wanted to share with you some of my favourite Australian landscaping trends.

Australian landscaping trends

Having a simple lawn and a few flowerbeds can become a bit boring after a few years, but these Australian landscaping trends will certainly give your international or Sydney home a new flair!

Let’s look into the most popular landscaping trends that caught Australians’ attention.

Sustainable landscaping

Going green is one of the most popular Australian landscaping trends, both in interior design and landscaping. Many people think that every garden is green, but the reality is a bit different.

Australian landscaping trends

Some plants require a lot of irrigation and fertilizing which can cause water waste and pollution. So, choosing the right plants that correspond to your climate conditions is the best way to create a sustainable landscaping.

There are plants that thrive in the harsh Australian sun and need very little water to grow and flower. Local greenery also attracts wildlife and gives them natural shelter and food.

Rocks and boulders

Australia doesn’t lack boulders, stones and pebbles, so why not use these natural elements in your landscaping?

More and more landscaping designers and homeowners choose to create various stony structures that not only look amazing, but protect smaller plants from extreme weather and keep them thriving.

Plus, these rock formations can also be used as interesting and unique house number signs and mailboxes!

Make it interesting

Many Australians are trying their best to make their landscaping stand out and attract the right kind of attention.

This is best achieved by mixing and matching different types of plants and layering greenery to give your whole design depth and height.

Australian landscaping trends

Think succulents and cacti and more traditional sphere-pruned topiary plants and exotic signature plants! However, creating such an elaborate landscape is quite tricky and it requires an expert’s touch.

Dig out the number of a company that offers professional landscaping in Sydney and you’ll have a perfectly designed and layered garden.

You might also end up with valuable advice and great tips regarding the design and plant choice!

Fire pits

Australian weather is just perfect for adding a fire element to your outdoor space. Since you’re getting a lot of sun and the temperatures are pleasant all year round, your fire pit will get a lot of use.

It’s perfect for all outdoor parties and chill family gatherings, especially if you get some marshmallows for roasting.

Australian landscaping trends

In the winter, they can provide you with additional heat during the chilly evenings and give you soft, natural light.

So, no matter what kind of landscaping you’re aiming for, you can find everything from very contemporary gas fire pits to rustic wood-burning ones.

Good outdoor lighting

Aussies love their outdoor spaces so much that they want to use them deep into the evening. So, providing their gardens with some lighting is very important.

Today, the biggest lighting trend in the Land Down Under is modern and subtle strip lights that highlight the architecture and landscaping.

Australian landscaping trends

They are also more energy-efficient and kind on the eyes than traditional lighting. So, forget about ugly fluorescent bulbs and opt for these trendy and gorgeous strips.


Not all Sydneysiders have a large outdoor space to landscape. Instead, they learned how to work with what they have!

Today, micro gardens are quite popular since they can easily be placed on a terrace or a small corner outdoors.

Australian landscaping trends

Even though they are small, they can still be heavily landscaped and made to look very attractive!

So, if you need some landscaping inspiration, don’t hesitate to seek it in Australia! These amazing landscaping trends will make every yard look trendy and beautiful.

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Diana Smith is a full-time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to home improvement and the latest home design. In her free time, she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family. Follow Diana on Twitter @DianaSmith82