An allergen-free home is vital for many home swellers who suffer from mild to severe allergies. And in this modern world there are all sorts of home-based causes.

There are more potential allergens in the air now than ever before. We have so many toxins enter our body during the day that it can be very hard to get back to a balanced level of health and be allergen-free.

You might think that your home is the one place that is completely allergen-free. However you may be surprised to know that your house contains more allergens than you realize. So, what’s the best way to get your home allergen-free and allergy proof?

Creating an Allergen-Free Home

Clean Your Air Conditioning

This is one of the main causes of allergens in the home, if you can either clean your air conditioning or upgrade your air conditioning to a more sophisticated system, one that expels allergens, rather than traps them, you will feel the benefits.

It’s always best to make sure you use an experienced company for ducted air conditioning, rather than just hiring the first person you see online. But with any air conditioning, it’s always important to make sure that it’s clean and dust free, and therefore allergen-free.


Keep It Warm

Not only will this benefit your chest, and you won’t feel the symptoms of allergens as much, but by leaving the heating on for a little bit longer, or even washing your clothes in warm or hot water, will help to remove impurities from your clothing.

But beware, in leaving the heating on for too long germs are more likely to fester and multiply, so it is a delicate balance.

When you can, throw open windows and allow fresh air to circulate effectively.


Remove The Carpet

The number one cause of allergens and dust mites is the one thing you walk on every single day. By removing the carpet and replacing it with laminate, porcelain or hardwood flooring, you will significantly cut down the allergens in your home.

In addition to this, carpeting is far more difficult to clean, meaning that you may not get every single allergen out of it, no matter how hard you vacuum.

But if you cannot bear to part with your carpet, instead of shampooing them, make sure you deep clean them with a steam cleaner. Steam cleaning is hot enough to kill allergens and mites without damaging the carpet too much. However, check with your carpet expert if you plan to steam clean regularly.


Change Your Vacuum Cleaner

Lots of traditional vacuum cleaners aren’t built to trap allergens, but if you get one with a HEPA filter, this will work wonders. A HEPA filter is a filter that has fibers that are densely matted, meaning they can trap more dirt and dust particles.


Invest In Dust Mite Covers

Especially in your bed, you need to cover the pillows and mattresses with these dust mite covers, especially if you have children.

In addition to this, make sure the bed is free of clutter, which is more likely to attract dust mites.


Ventilate Your Home

A stuffy house is going to attract more dirt, dust, and allergens. Make sure that you ventilate the home on a regular basis by opening all of the windows, and letting air flow freely through your home. You will feel better, and your home will feel fresher as a result.

We need to make sure that our homes are allergen-free, but once you realize how better you feel with an allergy free home, you will never want to go back!