A swimming pool is undoubtedly the ultimate symbol of backyard luxury. So how can you ensure it’s use as an all year swimming pool?

Whether you’ve bought a property that already boasts a swimming pool, or installed it yourself, it doesn’t matter. It will almost certainly become one of the favourite parts of your home. But if you want to gain the true value of possessing a swimming pool, it cannot be limited to temporary benefits. A great swimming pool should enhance your life throughout the entire year. This simple guide will ensure that your investment becomes an all year swimming pool. What are you waiting for? Let’s get to work.


The pool itself is only one element of the perfect backyard space. It is admittedly one of the key aspects, but it’s important to appreciate the importance of those surrounding features too. Otherwise, your enjoyment of the space will forever remain limited.

Timber decking is a fantastic way to add comfort and style to your garden. This is especially true when built specifically with an all year swimming pool in mind. Perhaps more importantly, it can increase the safety by reducing the likelihood of slips.

Meanwhile, installing suitable garden lighting can allow you to extend the fun into the evening hours. This can help transform your garden into the perfect venue for parties throughout the spring, summer, and autumn.


Everybody knows that swimming is a wonderful form of cardio exercise. Doing lengths might be the perfect way to start your mornings or wind down after a day at work. But you will use an all year swimming pool for more leisurely activities too. Even if it’s just floating on a lilo while reading a book, those simple accessories can be the key to encouraging increased garden time. As long as you remember to keep those additional items stored away safely, they can become a fantastic investment.

Use It As A Party Piece

The all year swimming pool is a central focus of transforming your garden into a fantastic venue for extended outdoor family fun. But it can form the foundation of parties too. People are the key to enjoying life, and organising those special events will make all the difference.
Hosting a BBQ that also involves pool time will ensure that you’re getting more out of your investment. You can increase the fun further by installing a diving board and other fun facilities. Ultimately, the more you use it, the more valuable the pool will become. So give yourself a reason to use it, and you will.

Winter Use

An all year swimming pool doesn’t have to be under cover and it doesn’t have to be ‘in use’. A well-lit swimming pool can provide a gracious backdrop for outdoor winter activities, like entertaining around a fire pit. Chances are, your swimming pool is a major feature of your garden. Hiding it won’t work so just embrace it during the cooler months. We have a fire pit adjacent to our pool and whilst we don’t swim in winter, it does look picturesque lit up at night.


Perfecting the external influences will naturally maximise your enjoyment. However, those additional upgrades will count for very little if you haven’t maintained the pool.

Quite frankly, repairing damage can be costly and time-consuming. Prevention is often the best form of protection. Simple jobs like keeping the water clean throughout the winter months will ensure that your pool continues to sparkle for many years to come. You might not use it too often during these months, but having the option will enhance your overall relationship with it.
Apart from being a wonderful resource for added enjoyment at home, the pool is a major financial investment. Failing to look after it would be a homeowner’s crime.

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