Isn’t it fun to redecorate your home for each season? No? Well, perhaps you don’t have to.

Fall may be here and you want your home to have that autumnal vibe. But you also don’t want to redecorate for winter, spring, summer, and then fall again.

It becomes a never-ending cycle if you’re not careful, and you won’t get a moment’s rest in your humble abode without thinking about the next interior design project.

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all-season decorating

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If you decide, instead, to decorate your home in a way which fits EVERY season then you’ll never have to worry about it again. Your house’s interior design will be timeless with all-season decorating.

Forget ‘fall season’; here are some all-season ideas to help you decorate your home.


Get back to basics.

Before you plunge into an all-season decorating project, you need to plan out the overall task. Go through each room in your house and think about the changes you’d like to make. Some may be small, some may be big.

Why is this important? Because you should aim to make your house look cohesive in the long-term rather than making small gradual changes and never really getting anywhere (except for general maintenance).

Work on a costed plan regarding all the small tasks you have planned so that you can figure out a budget. You might also need to think about whether you’re going down the DIY route or whether you’ll need help.

all-season decorating

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You could head over to for help from professional interior designers if you need some guidance.

However you plan out this all-season decorating, it’s crucial that you’re certain you can afford the project as a whole; you don’t want to get started and then realize you don’t have all the resources you need. And ALWAYS add a 15% contingency to your budget for unforeseen items. YES, there will be some.

Look for homewares and decor items that are on sale and buy as much as you can before any price rises.

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all-season decorating

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Think about lighting.

Rather than just making your home feel warm in autumn and winter, why not strive for that glow throughout the year? Whether it’s the dizzyingly-bright height of summer or the gloomily-dim low of winter, lighting is very important in any home, as has been discussed on this site before.

You should strive to utilize daylight to the best of your ability by installing bigger windows, removing furniture and foliage away from windows, and using mirrors in rooms to reflect light (and also to make the room appear larger).

You could also use this as an opportunity to repaint the walls of your house in a neutral color such as winter white or a warm beige. A ceiling that is lighter and brighter than the walls wil also give the effect of the room being higher.

When planning lighting, think about the three types of lighting for each room – Accent Lighting (up-lights and down-lights); Ambient Lighting (central fixtures and floor lamps); and Task Lighting (desk lamps and spotlights).

Repainting has the effect of not only reflecting natural sunlight but refreshing up the color of your house and helping it regain that “brand new” aesthetic.

Additionally, a neutral palette works for every all-season decorating project and allows you to work with any theme or color scheme on top of it.

all-season decorating

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Create natural focal points.

A contemporary modern home is often about minimalism, understated pieces, and intriguing manmade design. Of course, a home can feel a little lifeless without some nature to really break up the aesthetic.

Flowers work all year-round. As mentioned, over at floral arrangements really add that final touch of class that shows some real thought has gone into your all-season decorating.

Even during the colder months, flowers add to a room’s aesthetic; go for icier colors in the arrangements, of course, and save tulips or other warmly-colored flowers for summer.

Flowers should really be one of the few things you ever have to switch-up in your home’s design from season to season, when creating all-season decorating.

all-season decorating

Plush Design Interiors

Plush Design Interiors

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