Adding value to your home can be an on-going thought process. If you are thinking of a future move, then adding value may play a role. However, you may simply want to add more style to the home you plan to live in for years.

If you’re looking to make your home more aesthetic and enjoyable to live in, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re also adding value. For example, while a pool may add style, it won’t necessarily add value. This will often depend on your suburb and risk of over-capitalisation. Pools are high maintenance and, in some cases, dangerous so they may actually lower the value of your home. This post will make adding value and style to your home much easier.

Adding Value : Update Your Appliances

Updating the appliances in your home can be a really easy way to increase value and make the room look better. If you haven’t replaced them for a while, look at energy star rated appliances. You will be surprised at how efficient new appliances are. They will make your home more eco-friendly overall and save you money. The benefits of doing this are always worth the initial cost.

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Adding Value : Add a Conservatory

If you have the room to do it, adding a conservatory is a great idea. A conservatory adds more space, is a beautifully useful room, and adds great style to a home. When you have a conservatory, you feel like you’re spending time outdoors even when you’re indoors in the middle of winter. Perfect for adding value and enjoying your home more in the process.

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Adding Value : Convert Your Roof Space

This is a very popular option for those looking to renovate homes with a high-pitched roof. You will need to check out a number of factors before you know whether your home is suitable or not. You’ll need to make sure your roof is high enough, for a start. If you check this out with a contractor and it turns out your home is suitable, is could be a good idea. You’ll create a whole new room that can be used as another bedroom, or even an office. Find a tradie and have a chat with them to see if you can do it.

Adding Value : Replace Your Windows

New, durable, good looking windows will always be a good idea. Ensuring they are insulating your home properly, as well as adding to the overall look is a must. If you’ve had your windows for a while, replacing them might be just the ticket to add both style and value. They can completely change the look of your home, so select your windows carefully!

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Adding Value : Have a Kitchen/Bathroom Makeover

The kitchen and the bathroom are two rooms in the home that add the most value, as they are used the most. If you can give them a full makeover, this will add considerable value to your home. Consult a reputable interior architect that specialises in kitchens and bathrooms for the best results.

Wet rooms (also called mud rooms) are very popular choices in many homes. They are used as a laundry, dog washing area, and a place for dirty sports clothes, wet shoes, and outdoor gear. However, if you don’t want the hassle that the new plumbing can cause, simply re-tile or change your theme.

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Adding Value : Just Freshen Up

If you don’t have a large budget or much time, simply freshening up your home is a great idea. Give it a  fresh coat of paint, for instance. It really will make a difference!

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