Do you want to add more storage to your small home? With a few slick tips it will be easier than you thought.

In fact, it is probably easier for you to add more storage than if you had a complete clear-out. However, the rules of decluttering do still apply because an organised home with clean surfaces is also good for your soul. True fact!

Add More Storage with… Hooks

The hook is the ideal choice for those who are challenged spatially. Try and embrace the look of the hook around your home.

You can have coat hooks in the living room, hooks for your pans in the kitchen and you can even utilise them in the bathroom as well.

add more storage

This is great if you don’t have room for a towel rack, not to mention that it is a great way for you to get those annoying items out of the way.

You’d be surprised at how much room you could save by having hooks around your home instead of having shelves, but when you are hanging them, try and have them at different levels so your items don’t bunch up.

Add More Storage with… The Straight and Narrow

If you don’t have room for any type of big, bulky shelving unit then why not consider making your own? If you are able to find or make a shelf that is just big enough to house a few books then it is well worth doing.

Of course, if you want to make sure that you get the best result out of it then consider storing some wine there as well.

add more storage

You can have this going around your door frame or you can make an interesting and decorative piece out of it if you want.

Narrow shelves are the way to go if you don’t have much space and these can easily be used to try and store your trays, platters and more.

Add More Storage with… The Back of the Door

The back of a door is often underused. If you have a child then you can look into storage solutions that would fit here perfectly. Colby Storage Solutions are a great choice here.

If your child has a lot of toys then you can put these in a drawstring bag and then hang them on a hook on the back of a door. You can also have bath items in a netted bag as well, and this can go on the back of the bathroom door.

add more storage

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All in all, you would be surprised at how easy it is for you to add more space to a room and when you are able to utilise every single space, you will soon see how easy it is for you to store those annoying items with ease.

The best thing about following the tips above is that it will help you to free up way more space around then home and this can then be used to store other, more important items as well so this is one of the many things that you have to think about when the time does come for you to get started.

Need Help To Add More Storage?

Contact the interior designer in Adelaide who can help you declutter, create storage and live in a more organised home.

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