We’ve all done it. Met a guy, love him but dubious on his decor. Of course it’s a romance busting move to try and change his decor…particularly if you don’t live in his home. So how can you add feminine charm to a bachelor pad without ruining the relationship?

Sarah Cichy is the Founder of Sydney’s Homewares and Décor Public Relations agency, Piccolo PR, and she investigates this tricky balancing act.

Sarah Cichy

Creating a harmonious balance between gender-specific elements is essential when designing an inviting room fit for all. Traditionally, men are more inclined to purchase ‘functional’ furniture that are practical and serve a purpose. Whilst women opt for precious ornaments and collectables, ‘cooler colors and airy fabrics.’ So how can you add feminine charm to a bachelor pad? Eschew male and female oriented decor for an abode outfitted in gender-neutral design.


Add feminine glamour to the signature leather sofa with an oversized, playful throw. The Kip & Co. Velvet Blanket from Incy Interiors provides a fresh, sprightly shade that counteracts the heaviness of the sofa and bring feminine charm to this otherwise blokey space.

Add Feminine Charm to a Bachelor Pad

    For a modern-masculine flower arrangement, arrange a combination of fresh foliage in a heavier ceramic or copper vase, and add touches of feminine finesse with black and white framed prints- I especially love the scriptured art from Brainspiration.

Add Feminine Charm to a Bachelor Pad Add Feminine Charm to a Bachelor Pad


For those who are looking to purchase furniture, select handsome pieces with strong silhouette that hold a sense of masculine shape. These will help frame the room and create a lived-in look without being precious. Then- in the bedroom add a little extra glitz- perhaps the Eden Bed from Incy Interiors will provide the perfect amount of metallic magic!

Add Feminine Charm to a Bachelor Pad


Pick a palette rich in neutrals. Anchor the room in shades of cream, off-white, gray and taupe and add your own sense of color through artwork and rugs- don’t be shady shy! Painting provide the perfect opportunity to select brighter shades- strong pinks, punch yellows and inky blues which empower, and won’t overpower the space.

If only those walls could talk!
Add Feminine Charm to a Bachelor Pad

  1. Wedded to Wood
    To help balance the space, introduce charming wooden characters such as Elephant Smoked Oak to a broader theme– your blokes will be stoked!

Add Feminine Charm to a Bachelor Pad


Candles are powerful in helping to set the tone of the home and dress a space. Avoid selecting with heavy-floral scents and sickly-sweet overtones. Opt for a heavier, deeper fragrance with a splash of pepper, spice or nutmeg. He’ll melt over Tiki by Island Trading Co company– it has a masculine woody blend that captures the essence of ‘The First Man’ mythology.


  1. Less is more.
    When you’re sharing your space it’s important you give each some ample room, especially when you add feminine charm to a bachelor pad. So get clever… and clear. SmartBox is an efficient and hassle-free storage solution that cuts out double handling often associated with moving, by combining moving and storage. Now, we clear?
Image courtesy of rsvits.com

Image courtesy of rsvits.com

If you liked these ideas to add feminine charm to a bachelor pad, see Sarah’s tips for hanging art, plus Things of Stone & Wood, unique French furniture from Eric Chicherie and the gorgeous, handmade Klaylife chandeliers.

Have you tried to ad your feminine decor to his? Or has he tried to add HIS to YOURS? What happened? Do you have other tips to make his duo-decor work?

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