If you think you need a tidier home, then the good news is that there are plenty of ways to make sure that this happens.

A tidier home is always within reach if you’re prepared to take some action. It’s not going to happen without some planning and work. Depending on your starting point, the work required to have a tidier home may be less or more.

In this post, we will help you by taking a look at some expert tips on exactly how you can create a tidy home. These tips should generally help you to do that fast.

De-clutter for A Tidier Home

The main point here is that you need to declutter your home of anything unimportant or which you feel you could do without. A lot of people struggle to know exactly what falls under this category. However, there is one easy way to tell: go around your home and for every item and object that you see, ask yourself if you have used it in the past twelve months. If the answer is no, get rid of it without fail. This simple trick is going to make your home much clearer of clutter in no time at all, so try it out today.

Finding Storage

Of course, you might not feel ready to actually throw all that stuff away for good, and that’s fine. As a tester, you can simply pick out those objects as above, and then find somewhere to store them for the time being while you see how it is to be in your home without all that clutter. There are a lot of easy ways to do this. You could find some safe and secure self storage in your town and put all of your unwanted belongings in there for a small price.

Or you could ask a friend whether they can look after some of your stuff, especially if they have a much bigger home or considerably more storage to make use of. However you do it, finding and making use of storage in this way is going to be hugely important in all of this.

What To Do With Sentimental Items

As you go around and throw things out based on the twelve month rule, you are bound to find some items which you have not used in that time, but which you nonetheless want to keep because they hold a great deal of sentimental value. That’s fine, but the point is that you should try to limit how many of those you have if possible. Having a box of sentimental items is okay, as long as your home is not full of them.

A general rule of thumb could be to keep a dozen such items and get rid of the rest. Perhaps this is an opportunity to give some of those items to people you love, or sell them, or give them away to charity? You never know, it could make all the difference.