If you’re like me, you’ll love seeing magazine worthy homes in the multitude of places from which we find inspiration. Think those looks are out of reach? Not any more.

There’s nothing worse than sitting in your living room chair, browsing the pages of a magazine, only to be reminded that your interiors look nothing like those crafted by professionals. Rooms look perfect on the page because they have had a magazine worthy makeover. But when you glance up and look at the interiors in your home, you quickly see that it is not the same. Worse still, you can’t quite put your finger on why. 

In this post, we’re going to look at all the ways you can make your home look like it was lifted from the pages of a magazine. 

Use Throw Pillows

Pillows are one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal for making your home look like it is lifted from the pages of a magazine. Rarely do you see bare sofas with nothing dressing them. Almost always, interior designers will place themed cushions on top to add texture and visual interest. You can arrange them to look attractive when you’re not using them, giving your rooms that picture-perfect look that you want. 

Remove Appliances From Your Countertops

When was the last time you saw an ugly electrical appliance on a countertop in an interior designed magazine worthy makeover? Most likely, it was a long time ago. Clear your kitchen counters of anything you don’t need and then take a look at them again. You should notice that they look way more professional and stylish – like an interior designer organized them. 

Importantly, kitchen counters don’t have to be completely bare. You can still decorate them. But you must do so with attractive objects, like plates, vases or bowls of fruit. Deep fat fryers don’t quite have the same appeal. 

Eliminate Anything You Don’t Need

Rooms in interior design magazines always have a purpose. Designers think about the importance of every object in the room. Everything has to make sense. 

Clear out anything you don’t need for a truly magazine worthy makeover. If you don’t want to hire a skip, you can use secure storage units. Don’t be afraid to take radical action and redesign your rooms. 

Make Use Of Attractive Drapes

Many homeowners overlook their curtains, but they’re essential for creative, attractive spaces. Drapes can, unfortunately, go horribly wrong and look terrible. So you need to be careful with your choices. Use black-out curtains in the bedrooms so you can prevent street light from penetrating your home. Where possible, use materials like velvet in living rooms, since it adds a sense of texture and class. Regular fabric can still look attractive in some circumstances. 

Use Large Statement Pieces

Designers know that rooms need to have a focal point to make sense. Therefore, it is essential to have a “focal point” in your interiors, like a large painting or a fireplace. Having these in your rooms will make decorating the rest of the space simpler and give you a magazine worthy makeover.

Install Stylish Shelving

Shelves are for storing the things you need. But getting them right can be a challenge. You don’t want them to look cluttered. Try using the rule of three, placing three objects per shelf and arranging them in a way that looks attractive.