Are looking to sell your home now or in the near future? Or are you simply trying to think of the feature that will make your home more comfortable? Either way, it can be worth looking at the latest stats.

Last year, Rated People released a Home Improvement Trends Report that highlights the features most likely to add value and seel your home. They included the following home improvements:

1. A downstairs toilet

It’s pretty easy to see why 58 percent of people said a downstairs toilet was one of the most desirable features they look for when buying as home. It helps to prevent queues for the bathroom and ensure there is always somewhere private for the family to do their business.

2. A lawned garden area

More than half of people surveyed said they’d be more likely to buy a home with a lawned garden area and it’s not surprising because having a lawn where the kids can play on while you sit and relax on the magnificent piece of joinery that is the deck, is pure bliss. Lawns are great for attracting wildlife too if that’s your thing. Of course, a bare lawn isn’t exactly the most inspiring so you may want to border it with pretty plants and flowers that will bring joy to your life when you can sit and look at them while you take in their intoxicating aromas, and which will add no small amount fo kerb appeal to your property too.

3. A patio

While we’re on the subject of the garden, having a dedicated patio space can really help top sell your home too. Whether it’s a traditional stone patio or a wooden deck area, just the fact there is an attractive place to put the garden furniture and enjoy some quiet garden time is a real selling point for many, and again, it will enhance your time in the home significantly too.

4. Built-in storage

Built-in storage was the most sought after feature in the Rated People report, which probably isn’t shocking when you consider how much more stuff we all have these days. There are few of us who have wholly embraced the minimalist way of living, which means we all need plenty of storage to hide away the clutter!

5. Marble countertops

Having marble countertops in the kitchen is a big selling point for any home. Marble is expensive, and it gives the space a slightly more sophisticated look, so if buyers can find a home with marble countertops already installed, it can be a big bonus for them. Oh, and kitchen islands were pretty popular too, so if you’re planing any kitchen renovations any time soon, that may be something you want to consider.

6. Underfloor heating

If you don’t already have underfloor heating, you’re really missing out. Not only did 41 percent of people list it as being one of the most desirable features when buying a house, but more importantly, it does away with the need for ugly radiators and heaters while keeping your feet toasty warm at all times too!

Add any of these features to your home and not only will they add value, but they’ll enhance your family life too.