50 Shades Darker is here in time for Valentine’s Day. If you follow the peccadillos of Christian Grey then you’ll be pleased. If not, you’ll still love the intense way of living designed by Brabbu Design Forces.

It’s a fairy tale with a very dark side. Christian Grey may be 50 shades darker in this highly anticipated sequel but Anastasia Steele is more seasoned. It’s two years since we first met this incorrigible couple. This time Anastasia demands more rules as her relationship with Christian Grey gains confidence and stability. The set design is expectedly moody, sumptuous and 50 shades darker than the original.

Celebrated European design house, Brabbu, has designed several unique pieces for the movie – the DAKOTA single sofa in luxurious purple velvet, the SEQUOIA centre table, and the VELLUM wall light. Typically for Brabbu, these pieces are limited edition, impeccably designed, and manufactured with the highest quality materials.

50 shades darker

Bringing a touch of 50 Shades Darker to your home doesn’t bring Christian but it does bring uniqueness. As limited edition pieces the organic shapes and luxe materials are perfect for a Hollywood Glam boudoir or a gentleman’s games room. Curl up with a glass of champagne or a good book (or both) and luxuriate in the velvet cocoon of the Dakota sofa.

50 Shades Darker DAKOTA sofa

Curl up with a glass of champagne or a good book (or both) and luxuriate in the velvet cocoon of the DAKOTA sofa. You might be forgiven for thinking the sofa was named after Dakota Johnson, the actor who portrays Anastasia Steele. However, given Brabbu’s passion for cultures, the sofa is named after an indigenous tribe of the Amazon. Dimensions: W 225cm/88.6″ D 105cm/41.4″ H 85cm/33.5″ (larger size than the single Dakota)

50 Shades Darker Vellum Wall Light

The VELLUM wall lamp takes its design cue from ancient, scrolled manuscripts where messages were written in Vellum. In hammered brass, this light hints at the hidden stories that may reside within yet casts a warm and inclusive light. Dimensions: W 17cm/6.7″ D 9.5cm / 3.7″ H 60cm/23.6″

50 shades darker

50 Shades Darker SEQUOIA centre table

The magnificent SEQUOIA  tree is a force of nature with an ancient spirit. The beautiful walnut root veneer of the table top shows the passage of years enriched and wrapped by the texture of brass ‘bark’. Dimensions: W 100cm/39.4″ D 100cm/39.4″ / H 35cm / 13.8″

50 shades darker

For further information and designs see the Brabbu Design Forces website. And another of our articles on Brabbu and Maison Valentina, here on Don’t Call Me Penny.

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50 shades darker